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Giving Intention 2016-2017 News

The Power of Renovating Our Home

Your donations have supported these projects in 2013.


pie chart① $14,100 – installing new lighting for back parking lot, gravel lot, and under the new solar panels

② $14,300 – replacing two HVAC units in the office area

③ $10,000 – renovating kitchen (estimate)

④ $8,300 – removing and replacing trees, installing irrigation

⑤ $5,500 – purchasing a scissor lift

⑥ $3,500 – purchasing two defibrillators

⑦ $3,100 – upgrading stage lighting

⑧ $3,500 – replacing flooring (3 offices)


The solar parking structure and the solar panels were paid for by California Clean Energy (CCE). They own the system and there was no cost to the Center for its construction. We will be purchasing power from CCE over the next 18 years. If we had had existing lighting in that area of the parking lot, CCE would have paid to have lighting installed as part of the parking structure. But since we did not have lighting there, we paid to have lighting placed in the structure to enhance the security and safety of that area.



The scissor lift will allow us to safely maintain the stage lighting and reach our very high ceilings in the Sanctuary and Social Hall for various needs such as repairs, leaks, replacing light bulbs, and painting.

Submit your Giving Plan for 2014 today.


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