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Giving Intention 2016-2017 News

2017 Nonprofit Partners

AIDS/LifeCycle, supporting the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Los Angeles LGTB Center in battling AIDS and caring for those who are HIV infected

Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation, enhancing the quality of life for burn survivors and promoting burn prevention education

Becoming Independent, supporting individuals with developmental disabilities to become valuable and successful employees in the community

Ceres Community Project, creating health for people, communities, and the planet through love, healing food and empowering the next generation

Community Matters, waking up the courage of students and adults to create schools that are safe, welcoming, and inclusive

FISH of Santa Rosa, offering a caring bridge, keeping families from living in hunger and without shelter

Mentor Me, empowering youth in need to achieve their highest potential by matching them with an adult mentor

Redwood Credit Union Wild Fire Relief, supporting fire relief efforts and the victims of the 2016 Lake County fire

Santa Rosa Children's Chorus, helping musically oriented boys and girls experience the challenges, training, and the joy of belonging to a chorus of performing excellence

Sloan House Women’s Shelter, providing a home and six-month broad-scope program in Santa Rosa for women to create a better life

The Living Room, Sonoma County’s only daytime drop-in center for homeless and at-risk of being homeless women and children

Villages in Partnership, creating partnerships with people in villages in Malawi, Africa to bring about life-changing development for both sides of the partnership


Nonprofit Partner Program of the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

The Nonprofit Partner Program is an outreach program of the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa.  Each year since 2004 twelve nonprofit partners have been selected from nominations submitted byindividuals in our Spiritual Communitywho are either associated with a nonprofit or have benefited from the services of a nonprofit.  Nonprofits may not nominate themselves.  Nominations are received in the fall of each year.  

A committee meets to review the nominations, vet them to make sure they have a nonprofit tax ID number, and to ensure that the mission of the nonprofit is harmonious with the values and teachings of the Center for Spiritual Living.  From the nominations, twelve are selected, and each nonprofit is assigned a month of the year. During their assigned month, representatives of the nonprofit are invited to make a 2-minute presentation during all three of our Sunday morning services, and also to staff a table in our Social Hall with information about their work and volunteer opportunities.  

Each month, the Center for Spiritual Living sends a check to each of our 12 nonprofit partners. One-quarter of our annual 10% tithe money is set aside for ourNonprofit Partner Program.

The benefits of the program include connecting the individual givers of our community with programs in theworld that resonate with our Center’s teaching, as well as continuing education for our community about ongoing good work being done in the world, and the opportunities to volunteer for these organizations.  Rather than duplicate the workalready conducted by these organizations, we align ourselves with them and support their efforts in the world.

The Nonprofit Program selection process is not compelled by need, but by resonance with the teaching of our Center.  In other words, we do not select organizations because they are underfunded, but because they are doing work in the world that leads to individual empowerment, expressions of compassion,sharing of resources where needed,  the support of art and aesthetics, as well as other ideals expressed in the Global Vision of Centers for Spiritual Living.

Our nonprofit partners become a second family to us.  We are connected spiritually with others who are doing good work in the world.  We are truly living our principle of circulation and know this when our partners testify to the work they do as a result of our contributions.  We are deeply grateful to our wonderful community for supporting our center and these wonderful organizations.

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"It's all about how it makes me feel. Joining the Center a few years ago has made an immense difference in my everyday life, how I handle situations with family members, friends, and difficult people.

I have learned to accept people for who they are and have become less critical and judgmental of them and myself. Most importantly, I don't live in fear any longer; I let things be and turn everything over to God, especially when I can't control a thing.

My life-long search is over, thanks to the Center for Spiritual Living."


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