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Bette Smith

Bette Smith, RSCPBetteSmith

Currently seeing clients.

Bette has been a licensed practitioner in our spiritual community since 2002. Bette leads meditation, volunteers for Stepping Stones Books and Gifts, and also works behind the scenes on the Center's website. Bette values her spiritual practice which keeps her centered and grounded. She resonates with the philosophy of recognizing the spiritual truth in others. Our spiritual source is more powerful than anything we encounter in our lives. Bette loves strengthening this belief with the help of spiritual mind treatment.

Bette's support has lovingly grounded me into powerful peace at times of inner turmoil. She has been a steady source of courage and support. Her prayers deepen me into that place of peace within, beyond any appearance of uncertainty, and have helped me to blossom and grow deeper roots and a softer heart. I am continually inspired by her presence and strength and reminded of the Truth within me regardless of circumstance. —C.V.
Fee structure: $60 per session. Discounts available for Science of Mind students.
Contact: 707-526-7271
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