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Maggie Cole

maggie_cole1.jpgMaggie Cole is a practitioner, teacher, facilitator, and speaker. She speaks and facilitates workshops and retreats in spiritual centers around the country. Maggie completed her first CD, “Heart of the Matter,” with inspirational prayers and meditations. Enthusiasm for God and genuine love for Science of Mind are what she brings to her work.

I'm a singer and until I met Maggie I was dealing with not knowing and accepting the gift that I was given. Maggie saw past my walls of resistance. In prayer, I was guided through the biggest transformation of my life. Maggie's heart is as open as a child's. She is present, willing, and giving of her wisdom, heart, and intuitiveness. She gave me an experience of God and brought joy into my life. Being with Maggie is easy and comforting. She is a modern day mystic. I feel blessed to be with her on this sacred journey called life. —RH
Maggie is available to see clients and her fee is $65 per session. Call 527-0992 or for more information about Maggie, please go to her website

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