Sunday Services 8:30 am, 10:00 am, 11:30 am

Sunday Evening Explorations 7:00 pm

Wednesday Night Wisdom Free Class 7:00 pm, Meditation 6:15 pm

2075 Occidental Road • Santa Rosa, California 95401 • 707-546-4543
Office Hours: Mon-Wed 10:00 am - 5:00 pm • Sat 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

The Story of the Santa Rosa Center

The Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa was established by Rev. John Cantrell on December 16, 1954 under the name The First Church of Religious Science, Santa Rosa.

clark street for web.jpg










Meetings began in a private home on Clark Street (above).

Under the guidance of Rev. Arnold Hansen, the community moved to its first home on Orchard Street (below).

orchard street resized for web.jpg













A new phase of growth began in 1978 under Dr. Richard Leo with the community growing to 300. Another surge in growth to 600, under the leadership of Rev. Mary Murray Shelton in 1986, resulted in the community seeking out larger meeting halls and eventually settling in the former Luther Burbank Center for the Arts.

hansen_leo_shelton_001 copy.jpg










Other ministers who have served the Center are to be listed here.


ev for edu.jpgOut of Africa via Los Angeles, our current senior minister, Dr. Edward Viljoen, assumed leadership in January, 1994. He has presided over the purchase and remodeling of our current facility at 2075 Occidental Road.





Today the Center is maintained and renovated by member of the community.  Our blog (click here) is updated with photographs and progress reports such as the one below.

Paul Sarran and Jeff Wong prep the new sound panels to be installed in our Sanctuary


Lilo and John Kangas renovate our picnic tables located outside the bookstore.

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In the Spotlight

Grief and Loss Spiritual Support

Each Sunday in Room 8, starting promptly at 12:45, a facilitated support group is available to anyone experiencing grief or loss. Some people attend once; some more than once. In this safe and supportive environment, you can feel at home and free to explore your own unique journey through the grief process. You will be listened to and held in the loving, accepting awareness that Spirit is present and with us in every moment of our eternal lives.

The loss of a loved one can bring about a wide range of feelings, as can other major transitions in our lives, like ending a relationship or losing a job. Yet the journey through grief is also a spiritually rich time, allowing us to seek a closer walk with Spirit, and to open to more love from those around us.
If you are experiencing the complex feelings and emotions of the grief process due to the loss of a loved one or other major life transition, know that there is support for you here at the Center with your spiritual family.
For more information, contact Siota Belle, RScP, or Rev. Joyce Duffala,
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Prayer Support

We are here to help!

You can call the Telephone Prayer Ministry at 707-546-4561 or submit an online prayer request by clicking [here].