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Guest Speakers

Speakers and Topics

January 2015
I walk hand in hand with the Divine. I feel Its wisdom filling my heart. I feel Its love creating peace and balance within me and around me.
Jan. 4 - Hinduism: Creating a Home Altar  – Dr. Edward Viljoen
Jan. 11 - Buddhism: Meditate and Find Peace – Rev. Joyce Duffala
Jan. 18 - Guest Speaker – Rev. Cynthia James
Jan. 25 - Guest Speaker – Rev. Deborah Johnson
Recommended Reading
Wisdom Walk: Nine Practices for Creating Peace and Balance from the World’s Spiritual Traditions by Sage Bennet

February 2015
I see many expressions of thoughts in the world, and yet I know they are from One Source. We are One. We are Life. We are Infinite.  
Feb. 1 - Relating to Creation – Dr. Edward Viljoen
Feb. 8 - Relating to Divinity – Dr. Edward Viljoen
Feb. 15 - Guest Speaker – Victoria Castle
Feb. 22 - Relating to the Future – Dr. Edward Viljoen
Recommended Reading
One River, Many Wells by Matthew Fox

March 2015
My mind is the fertile soil for seeds of joy, peace, and love to grow. Divine wisdom flows through me easily and I see newness of life in every moment.
Mar. 1 - Beyond Spirituality – Dr. Edward Viljoen
Mar. 8 - Listening – Dr. Edward Viljoen
Mar. 15 - Confusion – Dr. Edward Viljoen
Mar. 22 - Be Gentle With Yourself – Mike Robbins and Karen Drucker
Mar. 29 - Wisdom – Dr. Edward Viljoen
Recommended Reading
Experiencing Spirituality by Ernest Kurtz and Katherine Ketchan

April 2015
Peace fills the heart and mind of humanity. Peace is my nature. I am filled with the perfect peace of the One. Peace is here. Peace is now.  
Apr. 5 - Be Still and Know (Easter) – Dr. Edward Viljoen
Apr. 12 - Guest Speaker – Gregg Levoy
Apr. 19 - Living Buddha, Living Christ – Dr. Edward Viljoen
Apr. 26 - For a Future to be Possible – Dr. Edward Viljoen
Recommended Reading
Living Buddha, Living Christ by Thich Nhat Hanh

May 2015
I embrace clarity of mind. I focus within and tap into Divine Wisdom that is always present. My way is easy and sure as I trust in this clarity.  
May 3 - The Mystery Comes First – Dr. Edward Viljoen
May 10 - Yin and Yang:  To Be is to Be Related – Dr. Edward Viljoen
May 17 - Wu-wei: To Yield is to Conquer – Dr. Edward Viljoen
May 24 - Simplifying the Journey – Rev. Jeff Anderson
May 31 - The Other Shore – Joel Fotinos
Recommended Reading
Simple Taoism by Alexander Simpkins

June 2015
I open to a full experience of wisdom in my life. I allow all discord and stress to fall away as I stand in faith and trust in the goodness of Life.  
June 7 - The Secret Teaching – Dr. Edward Viljoen
June 14 - Wisdom Principles for Joyous Living - Rev. Dr. Petra Weldes
June 21 - The Mental Universe – Dr. Edward Viljoen
June 28 - The Divine Paradox – Dr. Edward Viljoen
Recommended Reading
The Kybalion: Definitive Edition by William Walker Atkinson writing as Three Initiates

July 2015
The infinite is my source. There is no limit or end to the source of my supply. I live and have my being within this Infinite Source.
July 5 - The Way to Freedom – Dr. Edward Viljoen
July 12 - Give Your Best to the World – Rev. Deborah L. Johnson
July 19 - When Life Is Worth Living – Dr. Edward Viljoen
July 26 - And All Things Will Be Added – Rev. Mark Anthony Lord
Recommended Reading
Pathway of the Roses by Christian D. Larson

August 2015
Life’s nature is to be Divine. Life flows with ease and peace through my being. I take time to remember that my life is one with Divine Life.
Aug. 2 - Islam: Surrender to Prayer – Dr. Edward Viljoen
Aug. 9 - Taoism: Go with the Flow – Rev. Kim Kaiser
Aug 16 - Christianity: Forgive Yourself and Others – Dr. Edward Viljoen
Aug. 23 - New Year Now – Rabbi George Gittleman
Aug 30 - Native American Spirituality: Let Nature Be Your Teacher – Dr. Edward Viljoen
Recommended Reading
Wisdom Walk: Nine Practices for Creating Peace and Balance from the World’s Spiritual Traditions by Sage Bennet

September 2015
Peace is at the center of my being. My life is established in deep and abiding Peace. I am an expression of Peace.
Sept. 6 - Why Has Islam Become So Important? – Rev Joyce Duffala
Sept. 13 - Food for the Soul – Dr. Edward Viljoen
Sept. 20 - Looking at Life the Islamic Way – Dr. Edward Viljoen
Sept. 27 - All About Allah – Dr. Edward Viljoen
Recommended Reading
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Islam by Yahiya Emerick

October 2015
One family lives in this village called earth. I sleep under one moon. I awaken to one sun. I walk in the beauty, love, and peace of Great Spirit’s sacred path.
Oct. 4 - The Ways of Words and Silence – Dr. Edward Viljoen
Oct. 11 - The Ways of Living – Dr. Edward Viljoen
Oct. 18 - The Ways of Believing – Dr. Edward Viljoen
Oct. 25 - Heed These Words – Dr. Edward Viljoen
Recommended Reading
The Wisdom of the Native Americans edited by Kent Nerburn

November 2015
The richness of life flows through me in ways that are peaceful and kind. I am infused with the essence of peace and it expresses in my life as peace and kindness.
Nov. 1 - Rest in Openness – Dr. Edward Viljoen
Nov. 8 - Act with Kindness – Dr. Edward Viljoen
Nov. 15 - Notice the Moment – Dr. Edward Viljoen
Nov. 22 - Bless Everyone – Rev. Kim Kaiser
Nov. 29 - Disconnect the Dots – Dr. Edward Viljoen
Recommended Reading
The Zen Commandments by Dean Sluyter

December 2015
Inwardly silent, I remember that life is a miracle. Mindfully I reflect on the harmony of nature and align myself with it in this season of miracles.
Dec. 6 - Signs That a Redefining Moment Lies Ahead – Rev. Joyce Duffala
Dec. 13 - The Practice and Power of Silence and Reflection – Dr. Edward Viljoen
Dec. 20 - The Practice and Power of Self-Inquiry – Dr. Edward Viljoen
Dec. 27 - Mindfulness is the Practice; Purpose Points the Way – Dr. Edward Viljoen
Recommended Reading
Your (re)Defining Moments by Dennis Merritt Jones



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