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Heart Safe Ministry

HeartSafe Ministry

The goal of the HeartSafe Ministry of the Center for Spiritual Living is to train as many people as possible in Hands-Only CPR.  

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is now considered a public health crisis, striking an estimated 295,000 Americans each year, of which 92% die before reaching a hospital. The new Hands-Only CPR is a key component in a nationwide effort to save more lives and it can only be done with your participation.

Because of our commitment to our community, the Center is being equipped with 2 AED’s (Automatic External Defibrillators) to treat victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest and will be considered a HeartSafe Facility. The HeartSafe Ministry is the natural expression of that same caring and commitment and is demonstrated through us by learning Hands-Only CPR and then teaching others.

The more people we train, the more potential lifesavers we have both in our own congregation AND out in the world. Learning Hands-Only  CPR and being willing to use it if necessary is  truly an act of Stewardship and Sacred Service. By having as many CPR trained congregants as possible, we are making our own community at the Center safer for each other and our guests and we are also making the world a safer place for all.

Hands-Only CPR is easy to learn and easy to perform. Please consider becoming a member of the HeartSafe Ministry. The Trainings are provided free of charge at the Center and will be announced in our bulletin.

The HeartSafe Ministry is coordinated by Licensed Prayer Practitioner and Paramedic, Brad Silvestro.

This one-minute video demonstrates how simple and easy Hands-Only CPR is to learn. Saving a life can really be this easy.


 hands only picture

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Training In Progress


Six staff members completed the “Hands on” CPR  and AED training this afternoon: 2 Marthas, Evan, Georgette, Anne and Michael.

I think one thing we can certainly share is the simplicity that now exists in effective CPR. I always held a fear that in a time of need I would forget the minutia of the way CPR techniques used to be taught. That may not be a belief held in the race mind, only my own. We can chat if we think it is a message to share when enlisting congregants for the training. And as Anne said, it feels great to be prepared for the worst, expecting the best outcome or no incidents at all. “I hope I never have to use this training, AND I am really glad I have the information”.

We can also emphasize that the training goes everywhere with you- that we are Heart Angels out in the community, our homes, parks, etc. Who doesn’t want to be an angel amongst us!?


Martha McCabe


May 1, 2013


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