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Jail/Prison Ministry

Jail/Prison Ministry


You can provide spiritual support to inmates by writing to them, providing greeting cards, Science of Mind books, or transporting a released inmate to the Center. Other behind-the-scenes support is also possible. Contact Rev. Carol Chase at 707-542-6188.

Mission Statement: The intention of the Jail/Prison Ministry is to provide layered support to prisoners and their families in the process of growth and healing through prayer, spiritual and empathetic counseling, education and communication tools to bring awareness of choice. The freedom of choice enables us to live in harmony and integrity with ourselves and each other to realize the unique contribution we each make to the community which awaits our gifts.

Among the greatest difficulties facing people who are being released from imprisonment is their re-emergence into the community and life they occupied before their confinement. Upon release most inmates have minimal resources (often less than two hundred dollars), the immediate weight of court costs and restitution payments, lack of employment support, little or no family support, frequently no place to stay until they gain employment and limited skills in communication, impulse control and anger management. Combined with a community stigma that limits their ability to gain employment and succeed in creating a crime-free life, the rate of return to prison is greater than 70%. This suggests that our punishing approach to gaining safety in our communities is not working. Recently, we have established a team of spiritual practitioners for inmate counseling and we are presenting communication classes in the North County Detention Center.

In addition our current projects consist of:

• Supporting Friends Outside in Sonoma County with volunteer services. No prerequisites. For more information contact

• A Science of Mind class.*

• Individual spiritual counsel*

• Minimal personal support for released inmates.

* Skill level for Science of Mind class instruction and providing spiritual counsel is SOM Practitioner or equivalent.


If you are interested in this ministry's emerging vision to support prisoners incarcerated in our institutions with spiritual education, communication and spiritual tools, and a way to re-enter our communities, please join us in one or more of the above projects.

Contact: Rev. Carol Chase, e-mail

Core Team Members: Rev. Carol Chase, Dan Parun, Al Sawyer, Carol Seymour, Nancy Hyder, and Whitefire Felkner.


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