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Veterans for Spirit

FlagSQOpen to those who served in the military, regardless of the branch, the era, your gender, your rank, or the nation you served. There are things you may wish to share, contribute, and consider from a Science of Mind perspective that would benefit you and others in the group.

We meet on the third Saturday of each month.

Please contact Evan Dow-Williamson at for more information.

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Women of Spirit Canceled This Month


We are deferring this month's Women of Spirit meeting until the second week in November, due to recent events and poor air quality.

Meanwhile, you can avail yourself of the spiritual support ministries available on our website, including reading an affirmative prayer, calling our Telephone Prayer Ministry to leave a prayer request (546-4561), or listen to an inspirational message and prayer at 544-5423.

Or perhaps you can call one of your friends from our group or community to form a prayer partnership over the telephone.

May you know the Love of Spirit holding you, sustaining you, guiding you, uplifting you, filling you and EXPRESSING ITSELF AS YOU.

Jennifer and Joyce

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Diversity Discussion Group

All are welcome to gather with us to learn more about our relationship with diversity, inclusivity, social rank, racism, oppression, and privilege. We encourage the heartfelt lifting of voices in story, song, shared learning, and prayer. Our mission is to be calm, kind, and dedicated support for one another as we navigate the systems, institutions, and culture of the United States. We believe informed and knowledgable people will be better able to stand as peaceful diversity leaders at our Center and the world beyond. We meet on the second Sunday of the month at 1:30 pm in Room 10 (North Wing) to discuss books and articles related to diversity and to share our experience of race, gender, class, ability, and ethnicity in America.
The group is facilitated by Practitioner Wayne Haught.
Contact Wayne Haught,  (707) 508-6311  
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Nurturing Our Community

Nurturing Our Community

The winning bids are in for our First Annual Nurturing Our Community event! 

Before you go to see if you have seats at a table (or more), here are a few things to know:

1. We are only listing wins by "event" number.  That means you may want to have your catalog handy to look up an event.

2. If you notice that there are two of the same event numbers listed for you, that means you won two seats at the event.

3. The NoC team will have a table in the Social Hall next Sunday, April 30, to make it easy for you to pay for your winning bids, by check (preferred) or credit card.

4. To see the list of Winning Bidders by last name, or to download the 2017 Catalog of Events, or to download Payment Details, click here:  2017 Winning Bidders Information

If you still have questions, please email Rev. Tara at  Putting NoC at the beginning of the subject line will help her pay attention.

Whether or not you won a seat at an event, thank you very much for being a part of our first annual Nurturing Our Community event!


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Heart Coherence Meditation

HeartCoherenceWould you like to feel Centered, Calm, Optimistic, and Connected?
How about Inspired, Energized, and Creative?

Consider Heart Coherence Meditation, a gentle, effective meditation that engages the powerful electromagnetic field of the heart to experience well-being and the beautiful qualities of an opening heart.

When: Every Monday evening from 7 to 8 pm.

Where: Room 11 (North Wing)

This is a free drop-in group. No experience necessary.

Contact info: e-mail Phone: 707-837-1982.

To read or print the Heart Coherence handout, click [ here ] and then click on the download button next to "Heart Coherence Handout".



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CSL Legacy Foundation

Spiritual Self-Remembrance in Times of Change meets on the fourth Sunday of every month from 4 to 6 pm in Room 3. No pre-requisite. Love offering. Everyone is welcome. RSVP to Rev. Carol Chase, 546-4543 ext. 399 or Don Ross at

A new Food Ministry is forming at the Center through the leadership of former Trustee Julie Burns.

Purpose: Nourishing Community.

Vision: To facilitate greater wellness in our community by providing nourishing, healthy offerings at Center events and services, educating our community about nourishing food, and creating relationships with local farmers and food producers.

The second visioning meeting will be held on Sunday, June 26 at 12:45 pm in Room 6 (upstairs).
Everyone is welcome.

For more information, please contact Julie at 707-541-0385 or at

Soles for Souls is a Ministry of the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa, dedicated to placing new shoes on children in Sonoma County through charitable donations and with anonymous gifts to children.

Where our love hits the roads, sidewalks, and playgrounds of our greater community!

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