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Spiritual Self-Remembrance

Spiritual Self-Remembrance in Times of Change meets on the fourth Sunday of every month from 4 to 6 pm in Room 3. No pre-requisite. Love offering. Everyone is welcome. RSVP to Rev. Carol Chase, 546-4543 ext. 399 or Don Ross at

...In Times of Change

The purpose of the Spiritual Self-Remembrance in Times of Change group is for the participants to see and remind one another of inner strengths—the way each one of us has a unique Divine self, replete with talents and resources which we tend to forget under stress. It is a place where we can risk being vulnerable and be held by the intention of the group to listen and support us both with prayer and other action requests we might consider.

Meetings are held in Room 3 from 4 to 6 pm on the fourth Sunday of each month.  No prerequisite. Everyone is welcome. Love offering benefits the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa.

RSVP or inquiries to Rev. Carol Chase, 546-4543 ext. 399 or Don Ross,

December 26, 2010

Information coming soon.


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Life on Life's Terms

A wise friend once taught me this simple formula for dealing with difficult situations:
“Take a deep breath in; … [pause] … let it out; … [pause] … get over it!” While his intent was more ironic than sincere, he nonetheless provides us with a simple reminder for how we can deal with many of life’s challenges—particularly the ones we habitually make more painful for ourselves because of our (usually) unconscious and habitual patterns!
Our current economic crisis provides a perfect opportunity to see both our unproductive mental and emotional habits at work, and then to learn new—and much more helpful—attitudes! In this economy, many of us are forced to deal with significant losses: whether the shrinking of our retirement plans or the loss of our jobs, or both.
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