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Food Ministry

A new Food Ministry is forming at the Center through the leadership of former Trustee Julie Burns.

Purpose: Nourishing Community.

Vision: To facilitate greater wellness in our community by providing nourishing, healthy offerings at Center events and services, educating our community about nourishing food, and creating relationships with local farmers and food producers.

The second visioning meeting will be held on Sunday, June 26 at 12:45 pm in Room 6 (upstairs).
Everyone is welcome.

For more information, please contact Julie at 707-541-0385 or at

Calling all cooks and bakers! Do you have a favorite healthy recipe you would like to share? Thanks to Georgette, we now have a lovely recipe rack that will stand on the Sunday morning bake sale table. This rack can accommodate recipes 4x6.

Just as we welcome people from all diverse spiritual paths, we also welcome diverse ideas about what constitutes “healthy” food – so whether you eat vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten free, etc. – there will be sure to be someone who is looking for just that perfect recipe!   We do emphasize whole foods in their most natural, unprocessed state possible, with an emphasis on fresh, local, GMO free and organic ingredients.

So, when you bake a goodie for the Sunday bake sale, print out some copies of the recipe, or write them out on an index card, and place in our recipe rack so others can enjoy making it too. Of course, recipes for entrees, salads, refreshing summer beverages, etc. are also welcome. The only limit is your imagination!

Thank you and blessings!

Questions? Suggestions for the Food Ministry? Contact Julie at or 707-541-0385.


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Food Ministry June Update

Dear ones,

This message was emailed to those who have expressed interest in the Food Ministry that is forming here at the Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa, and/or  you have attended one or both of our two visioning/brainstorming meetings. First of all, welcome and thank you for your interest in supporting this exciting new ministry! I am delighted that there is so  much interest and enthusiasm and I am thrilled you are joining us.

Attached are the notes from our first visioning meeting. As you can see, many beautiful visions and lots of creative ideas and thoughts came out of this process, which was wonderfully facilitated by our Prayer practitioner Janet Tobin.  I am also attaching the notes from our second brainstorming meeting held this last Sunday, this time masterfully facilitated by our own Prayer Practitioner Kathleen Kearney. Thank you both! We are blessed to have your support and guidance.

In case you haven't had a chance to go to the CSLSR website and see our mission and vision, here it is:
Purpose: Nourishing Community.
Vision: To facilitate greater wellness in our community by providing nourishing, healthy offerings at Center events and services, educating our community about nourishing food, and creating relationships with local farmers and food producers.
Food Ministry – Visioning meeting June 12, 2011

  1. Healthy, food aware congregation
  2. For members to meet in a dinner group or potluck to share healthy and nourishing food and lifestyles
  3. For healthy and nourishing food to be offered to the congregation on Sundays
  4. To create an atmosphere of wellness at our Center
  5. Feeding our spiritual community: financially, those housebound in Professional, illness/children/low income
  6. Wholesome, organic, natural, wellness
  7. Highest mission for health that matches our spiritual principles
  8. Seeking health attained through careful choices, preparation & offering of food to the community
  9. Strawberries with yogurt
  10. Salads, veggies or fruit
  11. I wish I can bring snacks but I don’t know healthy ones
  12. Food bank style of sharing healthy foods
  13. Free cooking workshops using healthy techniques, everyone brings a veggie
  14. Community garden
  15. Healthy choices for after service (guidelines)
  16. Stone Soup café (banner)
  17. Lightness/feather, health, vitality
  18. Unity expressed through diversity
  19. Celebration of bounty
  20. Nourishing our bodies to be vibrant expressions of spirit
  21. Vitality, vibrancy, wellness
  22. More healthy food options offered at services
  23. “Healthy” is defined differently by many so a variety of healthy options
  24. Joyous, plentiful, grateful gardeners, cohesive community
  25. Good food, God food, healthy habits


  1.  Example for others
  2.  Willing to open home to others
  3.  A source of nutritional knowledge and recipes and healthy food
  4.  Open, available, flexible, and ready!
  5.  Positive – substantive and supportive, open, selfless service
  6.  Open to new ideas about food that I have not heard before
  7.  Wiling to try recipes I’ve never made before
  8.  Giving time to do this
  9.  I wish to volunteer as much as I can in the center or with people
  10.  An eating right group and meet once a week, bring food and have a free class
  11.  Willing to volunteer my time, and maybe request contributions of healthy foods from grocery stores for the free cooking workshops
  12. Open and willing
  13. Slipping away, sliding off desire and judgment – just because not my food. Receptive susceptibility
  14. Open to infinite possibilities
  15. Creative
  16. A channel, open for spiritual nourishment to flow through
  17. Open & available as a resource and consultant
  18. More loving, patient
  19. Happy, generous, glowing, free lively


  1. Prejudice against unhealthy eating behavior, my own and others
  2. My fear that most people are not really interested in eating healthy food, especially vegan recipes
  3. Feelings of imitation in regards to time
  4. Temporal needs now vs. long term value
  5. Old ideas about food that no longer serve me
  6. Stop using “not enough time” as an obstacle to pursue this objective
  7. The thought that eating healthy is an expensive act and someone in need can’t possible eat healthy
  8. Expectations
  9. Embrace the spiritual principle of wholeness. This ministry is whole, holy, holistic, (whole, holy, holistically) the good that is God
  10. Sugar
  11. Confusion
  12. Rigid ideas of how it should look
  13. Fear of being overwhelmed
  14. Judgment of others ideas of “healthy”
  15. Surrender ideas that cost is issue. That others don’t want it, of separation, us vs. healthy eaters


  1. Time to perform service to the ministry
  2. This ministry as a vehicle to achieve this vision
  3. Abundance, love, joy
  4. Love, support, others
  5. Doing it for love of myself or my church community
  6. Knowing the whole energy of the group is way beyond what I can do myself
  7. Love for people and food no requirements needed
  8. God’s living food
  9. My desire to be more involved and make friends here at the Center
  10. Shared knowledge
  11. Opportunity to learn
  12. Trust that Sprit will guide us
  13. Abundance
  14. Being accepting, loving what is before me and other people’s ideas and opinions
  15. Wholeness, joyful, loving people and food. Plentiful community


  1. What to do next
  2. Teen/young adults group
  3. Open to other groups via meet up groups
  4. I need to know how to proceed and to connect with others interested in this ministry
  5. Ministry ought to be accessible to all gradual shifting and understanding for the differences and the ways of others
  6. Food – Body, mind, spirit, one, all
  7. I acknowledge that I can do this and do it well and I am grateful to have the opporurtunity
  8. When/how often will this take place?
  9. Stone soup café and circle dinners, music, poetry, parlor games
  10. Ceres project, JoEllen DiNicola = teaching classes
  11. YAG project? Would they join us?
  12. New way to socialize, be in healthy community
  13. Concept of food as great unifier, breaking bread
  14. Food bank, potlucks with labeled ingredients
  15. Educational principles, cooking classes, shopping support
  16. Be playful when creating
  17. Always allow

Blessings and gratitude,
Julie Burns


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