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Practitioner Directory

 Practiitiioner Serviices

Spiritual Counseling by Licensed Professionals

Our licensed, Professional Practitioners are spiritual counselors who have

completed a minimum of four years training. They are licensed by the

United Centers for Spiritual Living and they are available for

appointments on a fee for service basis.

Many people call upon a Practitioner only in time of stress, while others

work with their Practitioner regularly to continue to grow in spiritual

understanding. The names and telephone numbers of our licensed

Practitioners are listed on a sheet which is available Sunday mornings at

the Practitioner Table. Each Practitioner also has a photograph and

business card displayed on the wall near the bookstore.

The relationship between you and your Practitioner is one of complete


Free Practitioner prayer is offered after Sunday Morning and Wednesday

Evening services.

Kathy Galvin

KathyGalvinKathy Galvin, RScP

Available for appointments with clients

I’ve been trying to be a something that had no name all my life but I finally found what it was and learned to do it right when I began Practitioner studies in 2000. I’d found my life’s work and it has been a joyful ride ever since!
My intention and delight are to help you discover the power and freedom that you already are so that everyone and everything in your orbit flourishes.
I look forward to working with you!

Fee Structure:

I don’t charge for the first session, which is about 30 minutes. It is one of discovery to see if we are a good match and it includes prayer. Thereafter my rate is $155 per session (regardless of time spent).

Contact: or 206.372.1933

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Laura Paine Carr

LauraCarrLaura Paine Carr, RSCP

Available for appointments with clients.

My intentions are to find, with ease and peace, the untouched, unharmed center of Being within, through Science of Mind. To learn to linger here and to bring it into daily life. To listen and support a greater sense of well-being, of comfort, faith and knowing of ALL IS WELL. And to celebrate Oneness, in joy, empathy, certainty and confidence.

My life has improved and deepened through my involvement in Science of Mind and the Center For Spiritual Living Santa Rosa; through classes and training, assisting in classes, prayer with clients after services. I know wholeheartedly that my racing, monkey-mind has been retrained to embrace an activist approach to living a spiritually based LIFE. I believe that any and all can do this. I celebrate and claim this birthright of joy for us all.  

Fee Structure: Rates:  $60-75/session

Contact: (707) 490-6977

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Wayne Carr

WayneCarrWayne Carr, RScP

Not currently available to see clients

I am committed to personal growth and learning and the teachings of Science of Mind coupled with the love and purpose of the CSLSR, allow me to take this growth and share it with the public. I am better able to listen, to interact, and to know the divine connection I have with others and to acknowledge and encourage their journey and their work.  

It’s simple yet it is not easy! Changing your mind is like breaking a habit or an addiction. It sounds great but it takes tremendous diligence and resolve. It is also very possible and the rewards are peaceful, loving and rewarding.

(707) 490-7579

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Georgia Davis

GeorgiaDavis2Georgia Davis, RScP

Available for appointments with clients

My intention is to know the Divine as it expresses through clients, and to bring an expression of Divine love to the session.

My aim is to be the love I want to see in the world. Traveling on this journey, I delight in sharing the tools of self-love, self-care, and to honor the Divine that lives in us, as is, with nothing added or removed.

Fee Structure: $50.00 per hour

Contact:  (707) 591-4074

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Linda Marshall

LindaMarshallLinda Marshall, RScP   

Available to see clients.

I enjoy facilitating the Heart Coherence Meditation and teaching the Heart Mind Body Connection class. I love supporting people in opening their heart and embodying the goodness within themselves that an open heart reveals.

My intention as a Practitioner is to assist people to attain awareness and experience of the power and presence of love within so that they may come to know and feel the support of a loving Universe, and thereby know the freedom of living a happy, soul-nourished life.


Contact: 707-292-7925

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