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Spiritual Counseling by Licensed Professionals

Our licensed, Professional Practitioners are spiritual counselors who have

completed a minimum of four years training. They are licensed by the

United Centers for Spiritual Living and they are available for

appointments on a fee for service basis.

Many people call upon a Practitioner only in time of stress, while others

work with their Practitioner regularly to continue to grow in spiritual

understanding. The names and telephone numbers of our licensed

Practitioners are listed on a sheet which is available Sunday mornings at

the Practitioner Table. Each Practitioner also has a photograph and

business card displayed on the wall near the bookstore.

The relationship between you and your Practitioner is one of complete


Free Practitioner prayer is offered after Sunday Morning and Wednesday

Evening services.

Rev. Tara Steele

taraRev. Tara has delighted in knowing and affirming the Good in people for many years. Her gifts of listening, intuition, and acceptance create a safe, welcoming place for her clients to bring their beliefs to light and recognize thier heart's deepest yearning. There is nothing more wondrous to her than the joy that bursts forth as someone remembers they are divine, unconditionally beloved of Spirit.


I first met Tara in a class I took at the Center for Spiritual Living. I was struck by her enthusiasm and her joy. Several weeks later I saw her after a Sunday service and I was confused and uncertain what to make of all the new things I was learning at the Center. Tara offered to meet with me just to be supportive and help me talk about what was going on. We met and talked for over an hour and she did a treatment for me. Almost immediately my confusion cleared and I was able to get to the heart of my worry and fear and address the situation with a confidence I hadn't felt in a very long time.

Rev. Tara is available for appointments. Her fee is $75 for an hour to an hour and a half session. She can be reached at 707-494-2464 or



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Lili Escovedo

liliLili Escovedo became a member of the Center in 2006, and a Practitioner in 2011. She has served in many areas of the Center, including the Telephone Prayer Ministry Core Team and the Practitioner Core Council. Lili loves working with clients to uncover and rediscover their true selves.

Lili prayed with me about an issue I was having. Her prayer treatment changed how I felt and my attitude. I was able to take the feeling from that prayer with me. It was a turning point for me... I felt grounded and connected with Spirit, which gave me strength to stay in Love. —SB   

Lili understood exactly what I was talking about and her questions were all directed at helping me identify the problem and where it came from. She asks great questions! This session helped me to move into a deeper authenticity. —SV

Lili Escovedo is available for clients. Her fee is $65 per session, lasting from an hour to an hour and a half. She can be reached at 707-953-8715 or



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Sue Robson

robson for webSue Robson became a licensed practitioner in 2011. She serves on the Core Team of the Heart in Hand Ministry and the Giving Intention Team. She brings the power of love and listening to all who come to her, guiding them to walk in their truth, their passion, and their freedom. 



Sue satisfies the need for empathy, love, and encouragement. I completely trust her with my feelings. She reassured me that I was perfect for the job my company was sending me out to do and that I would be completely accepted and received...and I was! Sue's prayer and compassion carried me through and I completed my job successfully.  — ES

Sue can be reached at 707-696-1117. She is available for spiritual guidance in person and on the phone. Her fee is $60 per session. 


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Wayne Haught

wayne haught for  profileWayne has over 20 years experience working with people from all corners of life. He brings to his sessions a love of helping people grow, a talent for listening deeply, and a knack for allowing folks to be themselves. Wayne passionately enjoys helping people explore their spirituality.


“Wayne helped my trust grow. He has a calm, open, and kind way of listening. He helps me look at the parts of me that I can’t easily see. I find that his patient insight lets me understand what holds me back, and once I know it I can change it. My life keeps getting better.” - KL

Wayne’s spiritual guidance appointments are for one hour at $60. To schedule, call 707-508-6311 or email


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Brenda Kobrin

1brenda closer.jpgBrenda has been an active member of the Center since 1995 and a licensed practitioner since 2002. Some of the areas she serves are a weekly Healing Circle, Youth Church, after-service prayer, and the Jail Ministry. She is a passionate supporter of the Science of Mind movement in Ukraine and has traveled there several times.

Testimonial: Brenda reminds me of the one truth about everything! Her prayers touch me, help me feel unity with God and bring me clarity about my situations! It helps me to shift my attention from limitation and need into realizing that all I need is already within me. When Brenda makes her treatment for me I really feel that Divine Presence is my nature, so wherever God is – I am. I realize that I am that place where love, abundance, harmony, good health, kindness, harmonious relationships and love start! Her prayer work always and perfect. —A.G., Ukraine

To schedule an appointment for spiritual guidance, contact Brenda via e-mail at or call 707-566-6785. Her rate is $60 per hour and she offers a sliding scale on a case-by-case basis.


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