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Spiritual Counseling by Licensed Professionals

Our licensed, Professional Practitioners are spiritual counselors who have

completed a minimum of four years training. They are licensed by the

United Centers for Spiritual Living and they are available for

appointments on a fee for service basis.

Many people call upon a Practitioner only in time of stress, while others

work with their Practitioner regularly to continue to grow in spiritual

understanding. The names and telephone numbers of our licensed

Practitioners are listed on a sheet which is available Sunday mornings at

the Practitioner Table. Each Practitioner also has a photograph and

business card displayed on the wall near the bookstore.

The relationship between you and your Practitioner is one of complete


Free Practitioner prayer is offered after Sunday Morning and Wednesday

Evening services.

Hanya Popova Parker

HanyaPPHanya Popova Parker, RScP

Available for client appointments.

As a practitioner since 2002 and an active exhibiting artist, I thoroughly connect with the creative process.  There are challenges to being active and fulfilling one’s self through creativity.  It is an ongoing process of uncovering and discovering.

I have led and been active with the Center’s Empowerment Groups and the Spirit Expressing Art Show.  Realizing that the Divine Presence is the Great Creator and resides in me and in each and every one of us opens that flow to greater creativity --- expressed in individual avenues.

Fee Structure: Rates:  $60.00 an hour

(707) 477-7947

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Helen Graves

HelenGravesHelen Graves, RScP

Not currently seeing clients.

Helen found The Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa, in 1998 and now realizes it was answered prayer in her search for spiritual awareness. Through the Science of Mind teachings, the principle that there is only One has shifted from “a nice idea” to a day-to-day reality. A practitioner since 2015 and passionate about learning, Helen enjoys supporting the Center’s Education Ministry, both behind the scenes and as a class assistant.


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Sherry Vierra

SherryVierraSherry Vierra, RScP
Available for appointments with clients

Practitioner since 2015

The firmness of my own faith in the ever present Allness of a loving Creator has guided me through many life challenges.  I have learned that faith penetrates all obstacles. Thoughts are creative!

My intention in working with clients is to articulate Principle in very practical terms.  It is a delight to witness the exhilarating benefits of moving faith from theory to practice.  We learn to “walk our talk” and, with practice, we experience transformation.

Fee Structure:  $60 per hour



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Tamarya Hulme

TamaryaHulmeTamarya Hulme, RScP

Available for appointments with clients

I love sitting with clients to help them remember their true nature and reveal their wholeness that runs alongside any condition they might wish to change.  Each opportunity to pray and connect with a client’s heart is a blessing.  The grace of spirit is ours and we just need to open to it and allow it to assist us in our goals.  Spirit’s love is infinite and powerful.

I am a serial prayer.  My faith is useful for a life that is fully engaged and joyful.  The Center has been home for me, a safe haven to grow and for developing stronger spiritual muscles.  The classes continue to teach me forgiveness and further hone my ability to let go of being right.  The Center and its community have given me substance and love.

Fee Structure:$65.00, discounts available for practitioner students

(707) 753-1950

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Betty Garcia

BettyGarciaBetty Garcia, RScP

Available for appointments with clients.

My vision as a Practitioner is to share the joy of turning to the Higher Power for life-affirming assistance and to be a confidential signpost to lean on, and to respond with affirmative prayer.  My goal is to listen with an open mind while affirming the perfection of the speaker.

I consider myself to be an evolving Practitioner, as I continue to study Science of Mind daily.  I use the Science of Mind Magazine, journal writing, the Science of Mind Textbook, and reading Science of Mind authors to maintaining an open and learning mind.  I find the Presence (GOD) everywhere, in animals, plants, and people.

Fee structure:  Case by case basis.  Contact me.

Contact: (707) 528-1818

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