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Young Adult Group (YAG)


The Young Adult Group (YAG), for people 18 to 30 years of age, meets on Sunday from 1 to 2 pm in Room 11 (North Wing) after attending the 11:30 am service. For more information, contact Tyler Hunsaker,, or Becka Kelley,

The YAG advocate is
Susan Robinson, RScP
Director, Youth and Family Ministry
707-546-4543707-546-4543 ext. 113


We've Moved!

Have you heard the news? We've Moved! Young Adult Group has moved back to Room 11 in the North Wing of our beautiful Center. We still meet at the same time, every Sunday from 1-2 pm. If you haven't been to group in a while, come back! If you have never been, come check us out!. Each week we spend time in prayer, conversation, participate in cool workshops and explore spirituality together. We hope to see YOU soon. 

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Looking Ahead

April 6, 2014

Today at Young Adult Group we had the opportunity to contribute to the planning of the Center’s program for 2014 by responding to the following questions:


  • What are some of the issues that Young Adults of the Center seem to be facing?
  • What topics would I, as a Young Adult, like to see being addressed on Sundays in service?
  • What is working well for me at the Center?

What are some of the issues that Young Adults of the Center seem to be facing?

·         Feeling overburdened with too much to do at the Center to keep Young Adult Group going

·         Increase in busyness at school and work

·         Learning about healthy boundaries

·         Learning how to have deep conversations

·         Loving the Center but not identifying with the old language of the existing texts

·         Managing stress caused by school, family, or work

·         Not having enough time to focus on all the things that are going on

·         Wanting to connect to other Young Adults in a non-partying environment (smoking, drinking, etc.)


What topics would I, as a Young Adult, like to see being addressed on Sundays in service?

·         Courage

·         Creativity / Self Expression

·         More about how to integrate what we learn here into personal life, especially when it’s hardest to do it

·         Vulnerability / Authenticity

·         Healthy relationships

·         Spaciousness as spiritual practice

·         Self-love, self-acceptance

·         Unity and how that leads to health for the whole planet

·         Caring about the planet

·         A whole year theme about caring.  Caring for ________

·         Enlightenment as something that is actually possible

·         How to effectively share this with others

·         Leadership skills

·         Physical health and caring for your body spiritually


What is working well for me at the Center?

·         Most speakers give specific suggestions for how to make changes, I like the practicality of the teaching

·         Speakers who are “loud” and upbeat are balanced with the inward tone of most of the services, good variety.

·         I like the feeling of acceptance here

·         I like that Young Adults are valued and the Center walks its talk.  In other words, I like that there are discounts for Young Adults, lots of support and a feeling of welcome and recognition.

·         It’s really easy to volunteer here, and very easy to step down if you over volunteer.

·         I like that there is prayer available for anyone after service.  The free spiritual support is important.

·         I love that we are thinking about ways to accept credit card donations, that is going to make it a whole lot easier for me.

·         Spiritual Enrichment Courses, short, specific and helpful

·         The music

·         How the word God is reframed and made user friendly for different people


The group also discussed moving Young Adult meetings to a friendly space.  Dr. Edward agreed to check with facilities to see what possibilities exist.

The group wrote to Practitioners to solicit guest presenters for the next three months.   

When responses from guest presenters have been reviewed an updated flyer will be created with dates, speakers and topics and contemporary language about what Young Adults Group is all about.

A great time was had by all!



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One big wacky Family

Oh the joy of Christmas morning. Waking up to open gifts by the tree in our pi's with cups of hot chocolate and cider.  Wait a minute, this isn't home! Or is it?  Yes we are One big wacky family and we like it that way. The gift on Christmas morning was the beautiful service given by our own Rev. Ruth Barnhart who was joined by four of our young adults who along with Steve and Mary DeLap provided the musical musings of the morning. It was a perfect way to start the day!

Pictured above from left to right, Steph Martin, Evan Dow-Williamson, Rev. Ruth, Jeff Basham and Rebekah Kelly. 

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Young Adult Leadership plus one

Over the last week (Feb. 16-22) I had the honor of spending time with the members of the current CSL Young Adult Leadership team at the Centers for Spiritual Living annual convention held in Walt Disney World. This years conference theme "World of Wonder" or WoW for short, was spoken often throughout the week by many in attendance and often by me as I witnessed the Wow factor of each of these remarkable individuals. 

This group of leaders have been voted into office by their peers and each bring a unique perspective to the collective voice of young adults throughout our organization and beyond. During the week they met together to discuss a variety of topics such as diversity and interfaith participation, future leadership opportunities, communication strength and weaknesses, opportunities for regional young adult events and ways in which to grow participation and attendance of young adults within the Centers for Spiritual living organization. 

Each member of the team was also in high service to the convention by assisting with the on-line voting process, greeting guests at the general business meetings and workshops, providing tech support and much more. Further demonstration of their personal commitment to participate in creating a world that works for everyone.

Often I hear the phrase "our future is bright with these young leaders" and I would offer that our future is Now and it is brilliant!

Susan Robinson, RScP

Pictured left to right; Sara Horton, Evan Dow-Williamson, Ashley Wines, Eric Jensen, Azure Rose, Mike Hiraoka, Kristine Anderson and Susan Robinson.



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Sunday Smiles


It is a fairly common occurrence on any given Sunday morning to find several of our young adults gathered together in Evan Dow-Williamson's office at the Center. It has become the unofficial meeting place to gather before attending service together, or at the end of the day before going to young adult group. And it's always full of Sunday smiles. Pictured above are Althea Armada, Emily VanWoerkom, David Hawley and Evan breaking in the new LOVE seat donated by Rev. Joyce. The combination of people vary from week to week, yet one thing remains consistent and that's the love and the laughter of people coming together in spiritual community. 

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