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Youth at the Center

5th Sunday Drum Circle

This coming Sunday, November 30th our "Youth Family Service" will once again experience another fantastic Drum Circle.  This event has become a favorite among our youth and teaching teams. As we wrap up our month of the Power of Receiving we will get to receive the beautiful vibration of our drumming team, Nancy Talley, Tamarya Hulme and Daisy Blinco, plus a few special guests. Deborah Taylor French will lead us in our "story" of the day and the group will be supported by Marc Hoffman and myself.

Parents are welcome to join us for part of the time or the full service if they choose.  

Wishing all our youth and families a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

With Love,

Susan Robinson, RScP


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Children's Books with a Spiritual message

Often in the role of Director of our Youth Ministry I am frequently asked for references for spiritual children's books. While there are several I use in our youth curriculum I am always happy to stumble upon new material that match the overall theme of our lessons of the month. Two such books came to my awareness in March. Their message mirrored well with our weekly topics, which have also been supported by stories from the March book of the month Experiencing Spirituality by Ernest Kurtz and Katherine Ketchan. The Golden Rule conveys a gentle and lovely conversation between a grandfather and his grandson. It includes simple interpretations of The Golden Rule from five other spiritual traditions, also partnering well with our theme of the year One Truth, Many Paths. And the illustrations are beautiful. Do Unto Otters offers colorful graphics and humor that adds to the golden rule, by suggesting good manners to live by. Both books were well received by our youth and are now available in Stepping Stones Books and Gifts. If you have a favorite children's book that would support a spiritual lesson I would love to hear about it. You can reach me at  

Blessings to you and your family ~

Susan Robinson, RScP


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Drum Circle of love.

The youth and families of our precious community were in for a real treat on February 23rd when they arrived to a Drum Circle of love. The teaching team of Deborah Taylor-French and Marc Hoffman (pictured in the back row) were joined by Nancy Talley, Tamarya Hulme, and Sharona aka ChaCha Tracy (pictured in front) prepared a wonderful offering of movement, drumming, flute and various other musical treats to wrap up our month of the Power of Mediation.   

Each time we come together in one of these circles a new level of wonder seems to fill the room and hearts of those in attendance exemplifying the unique and individualized expression of the One that we are all a part of. The youth love it, the parents love it and the performers love it.  

For those of you who have requested more more more… we here you and will keep you posted on the next Drum Circle as soon as we can coordinate our schedules.

Many thanks to all who attended, participated and supported this beautiful service. 





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Rap'n with the Divine

Theres nothing like a little Metaphysical nerd rap to start the day with.  On July 27th that's exactly what we got to experience in our youth ministry classrooms. With the help of Melissa Phillippe and Z Egloff we learned verses and a chorus along with movements and hand gestures and before long we were on our feet rap'n with the Divine and grooving to the beat. 

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Answering the call

There are many ways in which we each answer the call to lend support to our spiritual community. Every day I am at the Center I meet and greet volunteers who are in service, supporting our community in the way in which they were guided to say yes. For me personally the call was loud and clear to support our youth. And answering that call has led me to becoming the Director of this amazing Ministry.

Recently we put out a call to the community for new volunteer teachers and assistants to serve the needs of our youth ages 4-12 and the applications are flowing in. It is such a beautiful thing to be on the receiving end of so much love and support. 

So far this month we have welcomed Tamarya Hulme and Nikki Buckstead to our volunteer team. Tamarya will begin teaching in our 8-12 classrooms in February and brings with her a wealth of experience and spiritual practice. Nikki has already begun assisting in the classrooms and will also be lending some administrative support to our Ministry sharing her many talents of organization and program development. We are grateful to each of them for answering the call to service and look forward to growing together.

If you have felt the nudge to be in service, yet haven't acted on it, the door is wide open. Listen to your inner calling and find your Yes. You'll be so glad you did!


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The Teen Group meets in Room 11 from 11:15 to 12:45 weekly, in what is effectively the teen lounge.  Weekly activities include discussion, interactive work and play, music, written word, art and more, exploring questions of spirit, personal and global transformation.  Our teen advisors guide the group in prayer and explore spiritual principals for daily living in a fun and relevant way.

Our teens work together on service projects, fundraisers, retreats and social events. 

Contact Susan Robinson, R.Sc.P.

Director, Youth and Family Ministry




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