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Prayer Practitioner Directory Listing

Licensed Prayer Practitioners

Our prayer practitioners have completed a minimum of four years training and are licensed by Centers for Spiritual Living. They are available for appointments on a fee-for-service basis.

Many people call upon a practitioner only in times of stress, while others work with their practitioner regularly to continue to grow in spiritual understanding. The relationship between you and your practitioner is one of complete confidentiality.

The names and telephone numbers of our Licensed Prayer Practitioners are listed below and also on a sheet which is available Sunday mornings at the Practitioner Table. Each practitioner has a photograph and business card displayed on the wall near the entrance to Stepping Stones Books & Gifts.

The following practitioners are currently available to see clients. Please contact them to discuss scheduling and fees.

If you hover over a name with your cursor and it turns from an arrow to a pointing hand, click on the name to read a profile of the practitioner and a testimonial.

Telephone area code is 707 unless otherwise stated.


Barbara Alois 545-5956
Marlene Ardoin 528-7519
Rose Barboza 579-8260
Rev. Ruth Barnhart 539-3515
Jeff Barone 478-1904
Jeff Basham 536-1372
Melodie Bellagio 529-2272
Siota Belle 483-1170
Susan Bennett 269-612-0566
Adrianne Bowes 829-6831
Debbie Butterfield 546-4550
Pat Byrne 609-468-8036
Laura Carr 490-6977
Maggie Cole 322-2003
Amada Colt 481-4789
Lauren Darges 971-0340
Georgia Davis 591-4074
Krishni Davis 477-4348
Naava Dewey 480-2557
Vicki Dodson 529-4861
Donna Starr Donovan 239-4960
Evan Dow-Williamson 364-4484
Robin DuBois 415-717-6049
Lawrence Edwards 843-9140
Lili Escovedo 953-8715 
Angél Fiorito 875-8932
Lorena Fisher 696-1722
Bill Frater 328-1420
Kathy Galvin 206-372-1933
Betty Garcia 528-1818
Catherine Grace 829-8046
Jacque Hansen 408-828-4309
Wayne Haught 508-6311
Pamela Heck 322-7753
Patricia Howard 978-4620
Tamarya Hulme 753-1950
Nancy Hyder 829-3949
Kathleen Kearney 528-0002
Victoria King 338-4838
Rev. Joyce Kinzel 320-2849
Brenda Kobrin 566-6785
Lesa Lancaster 703-7302
Jo Lasley 217-4498
Laura Lee 578-0845
Tish Lobland 820-1234
Venus Maher 591-3008
Jennifer Mann 546-7055
Linda Marshall 837-1982
Julia McCabe 544-788
Martha McCabe 824-8483
Kelly Metcalf 477-7821
Tom Nilsson 760-898-4806
Karen Norton 695-5659
Joyce Orecchia 695-2249
Elias Owens 217-8237
Hanya Popova Parker 477-7947
Kathy Reardon 318-9269
Susan Robinson 331-0524
Sue Robson 696-1117
Rosie Rodriguez 483-2176
Megan Rooney 495-6690
Suzanne Sackett

Debra Amaral Salyer 228-8048
Andra Sandberg 280-0211
Linda Scheiblich 938-8020 n/a
Carol Seymour 546-6600
Bette Smith 526-7271
Don Snow 237-2638
Sandy Steele 527-6756
Rev. Tara Steele

Peter Stickney 478-6752
Vivian Strand 953-1917
Rosalie Sulgit-Shay 545-1644
Jan Svoboda 953-3565
Diane Tapogna 481-9235
Marielle Taylor 329-2013
Carol Ternullo 545-7782
Rev. Janet Tobin 874-2726
Claire Victor 484-3810
Sherry Vierra 869-5641
Kevin Viljoen 503-380-6362
Katie Watters 530-410-4634
Peggy Weber 481-1950
Debby Young 477-0059
Although they are not currently
available to see clients, the following
Licensed Practitoners
are in service to the Center:
Wayne Carr 669-0625
Paul Corbett 795-9719
Sherrie Corbett 795-9719
Sue Faria 838-7113
Susan Fountain 527-0209
Jerry Huffaker 291-1500
Pamela Jasper 545-8885
Cathy Kielsmeier 887-2627
Don Kobrin 566-6785

Outreach Practitioners are in service to our Center and to clients while residing at a distance, typically out-of-state.

Katrina Borneman 415-377-5424
Sabrina Buchanek N/A

Practitioner Leadership Core Council:

Co-chair Amada Colt 481-4789
Co-chair Susan Bennett 269-612-0566
Recording Secretary Kathy Galvin 206-372-1933
Treasurer Lesa Lancaster 703-7302
Leadership Council Liaison Andra Sandberg 280-0211
Standing Member Rev. Joyce Duffala 546-4543 x106
Chaplain Vivian Strand 953-1917
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