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Education Ministry Teachers

Lawrence Edwards, RScP

 LawrenceEdwards2Lawrence Edwards is a practitioner in our spiritual community and has been on a path of spiritual inquiry for many years. Raised with a Christian background, he attended a radical Bible College as a young man. Also, he has made a deep study of the Course of Miracles. When he arrived here at the Center for Spiritual Living, he felt at home and loved the biblical references in Ernest Holmes’ Science of Mind textbook.

Lawrence has spent twenty years in the field of life coaching and experiential training for teens and adults uncovering old ways of thinking and using the inquiry process to transform those patterns. He brings this process of inquiry to his teaching as well as flexibility and openness. He loves the witnessing the awakening that happens in a person’s life when they discover the power within them to make life changes they desire.

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Siota Belle, RScP

SiBelleAfter years of practicing and teaching meditation Siota discovered CSLSR. Our philosophy and teaching was exactly what she was looking for. She has been an active licensed Prayer Practitioner since 2011. Siota will graduate as a New Thought Minister from the Holmes Institute of Consciousness Studies in June, 2019. With a doctorate in Clinical Nutrition her teaching experience includes classes at UC Santa Cruz, the Pacific Academy of Homeopathic Medicine and Santa Rosa Junior College. She holds and workshops in metaphysics, spirituality and healing and offers training in Hawaiian Forgiveness - Ho’o pono pono. You can read her thoughts on healing and spirituality at www.siotabelle.blogspot.

Siota takes great joy empowering her students to discover the deepest truths for themselves so they can experience their full potential.

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Rev. Tara Steele

taraThe Science of Mind practice of noticing and bringing to light hidden beliefs changed Rev. Tara’s life, opening her to a happier, healthier way of being.  She knows that little shifts transform our experience and is honored to be in service as a minister and teacher at the center since 2015. Rev. Tara delights in creating opportunities to appreciate our diverse and precious expressions of Spirit, knowing that her own spiritual practice includes threads from Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and the Native American path. Rev. Tara appreciates the inclusive nature of Science of Mind and creates a dynamic and safe place to explore spiritual principles and practice in every classroom experience.

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Dr. Kim Kaiser

kim for web.jpgDr. Kim Kaiser is the Director of Education at the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa. He is also Academic and Regional Dean for the Holmes Institute School of Consciousness Studies. He holds a doctorate in Counseling Psychology and has taught undergraduate and graduate adult education classes at the University of San Francisco (USF) for over 20 years and is currently a faculty member and administrator of the Marriage and Family Therapy Masters Program at USF’s Santa Rosa campus. Dr. Kim has studied metaphysics, both in its Christian and Buddhist forms, all his life. He is an ordained priest in the Soto School of Zen Buddhism as well as minister of Religious Science. He has a particular interest in western and eastern philosophy, religion, and science. In teaching, he enjoys helping his students make connections between the subject matter and their experience of life as a spiritual practice. As a minister and educator, his main mission is to shine the light on the incredible gifts God is giving to the world simply by you being you.

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Rev. Ruth Barnhart

ruth for web.jpgRev. Ruth has been enthusiastically engaged in the study of Science of Mind since 1989 and has been teaching the accredited classes since 1996. She has a love of exploring the depths of metaphysics and how to make it accessible and practical, particularly the difficult issues of our lives and the big questions in our hearts. Rev. Ruth brings her passion and gentleness into the classroom to support her students in finding their Truth and in having a closer walk with the Divine.
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Maggie Cole, RScP

maggiecole.jpgMaggie is engaged in her passion as a speaker, teacher, facilitator, and Professional Prayer Practitioner by teaching classes and creating and facilitating workshops and retreats which are presented in Spiritual Centers around the country. Enthusiasm for God, Divine Purpose and a genuine love for Science of Mind are the qualities she brings to her passion for this sacred and spiritual work. Maggie is a living example of the ongoing transformational power of this philosophy, spiritual practice and a clear intention to know God. She has set an intention for her life to see herself and all others as God sees us. Maggie says, “What I love about teaching is the opportunity to witness the awakening to the Truth of who we all are, the up-leveling of consciousness that always takes place, and the unveiling of the mystical nature of each individual. I am honored to witness the unfoldment of this community through learning.”

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Lauren Darges, RScP

LD HeadshotSmallLauren Darges, RScP, brings the experience of more than 30 years of spiritual practice to her work. She has a passion for individual and planetary healing and transformation and brings that passion into all areas of her life. Over the last 20 years she has developed and produced numerous workshops, classes and meditation retreats. She has taught the principles of metaphysics at the county jail and is a regular presenter and speaker at the Centers for Spiritual Living.

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Rev. Joyce Duffala

joyce4x6.jpgRev. Joyce Duffala, Ed.D., holds a doctorate in Multicultural Education (University of San Francisco, 1992), and has been an adult educator for over 30 years. She has taught at the University of San Francisco, the University of California, Berkeley, and San Francisco State University. She also has provided interpersonal communication workshops in the corporate sector, to organizations large and small. Joyce came to the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa, received her practitioner license in 2000, and graduated from the Holmes Institute and became a Minister of Religious Science in 2004.

Rev. Joyce has co-authored two books with Dr. Edward Viljoen: Seeing Good at Work, a guide to applying spiritual tools in the workplace, and The Five Pillars of Spiritual Practice. They have also collaborated in the production of the audio CD Rise in Joy, Sleep in Peace: Affirmative Words to Begin and End Your Day.

Joyce is profoundly grateful for the uplifting transformation of her life that has resulted from attending services and classes at the Center and has dedicated her life to making this philosophy of possibility available to others.

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Kathleen Kearney, RScP

kathleen.jpgOur visitor's packet says “Welcome Home!” and that's how I feel every time I engage with this Center and the powerful, loving philosophy that guides it. I first became a member in 1983 and a licensed Professional Prayer Practitioner in 1990. Teaching Science of Mind classes began for me assisting in Rev. Edward's Foundations classes, but I've been teaching or training most of my life in schools, in the community, and in corporations. The Science of Mind classroom is a place of high adventure—each class so completely unique that we all learn and grow in ways that surprise and connect. It's a joy to teach at the Center and it supports me in fulfilling my own personal mission statement that I created when I first licensed as a Practitioner: “To so know my connection with God within me that I remind others of their connection with God within.”  

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Jennifer Mann, RScP

jmann.jpgJennifer Mann came to Science of Mind in 1988. She has taught since 1970, first with children who have language and hearing challenges, then with adults at Santa Rosa Junior College from 1975 until her retirement in 2009. For the last 20 years, Jennifer has trained presenters and teachers in effective learning and teaching strategies. In addition to teaching at the Center, she has provided workshops to the trustees, staff, Practitioners, and general congregation since becoming a Practitioner in 1996. She considers herself a facilitator of learning and discovery as she realizes the best learning comes from total active participation in the process.

Jennifer believes in experiential learning, enthusiastic sharing, and developing regular spiritual practices. She has fallen in love with Ernest Holmes over the years because his writings continue to enlighten and enhance with every re-reading. He fosters the idea of seeing life with new eyes and listening to fellow humans with new ears every minute of the day.


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Linda Marshall, RScP

LindaMarshallLinda has been a member of the Center since 2000 and a licensed Professional Prayer Practitioner since 2005. She redesigned the curriculum of the Mind-Body Connection class and created an exciting study of the Heart-Mind-Body Connection, which she began teaching at the Center in 2008. A licensed physical therapist since 1980, she brings many years of experience in mind-body healing using cranio-sacral therapy and other energy balancing techniques. She began exploring the research on heart coherence in 2007 and became passionate about teaching the value of resting in the heart for healing and transformation. Her teaching style is inspirational, gently guiding students to depths of personal meaning in the Science of Mind principles.

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Kelly Metcalf, RScP

KellyMetcalfSince becoming a Professional Prayer Practitioner in 1996, Kelly Metcalf has been honored to teach the Science of Mind accredited classes. Her down to earth attitude and sense of humor make her classes fun and practical. An experienced sales trainer and motivator for over 25 years, Kelly's awareness of group dynamics and sincere love of all people creates a safe, comfortable place for others to practice changing their lives by changing their thinking.

It was during the early 1970's that Kelly first heard the concept "to think is to create" yet it is the Science of Mind philosophy that has enabled her to digest and apply this concept to her life. You'll find in her a person who walks her talk and continually questions her beliefs to experience more compassion and understanding.

Kelly has been an active participant and volunteer at the Center since 1978. Her adult children, Robert and Tina, were raised in this philosophy and continue to practice its principles on their own.

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Karen Norton, RScP

karennorton.jpgKaren has been a practicing Religious Science since 1982, and has been a Professional Prayer Practitioner since 1995. After assisting Rev. Edward for 10 years in Foundations class, she began teaching in 2003. She also teaches Self Mastery, Beyond Limits, and Mind Body Connection. Her common sense approach coupled with compassion and humor is appreciated by her students. She truly loves witnessing the “Ah ha” moments with her students. Dr. Karen has been in Chiropractic service to this community for more than 25 years, and enjoys sharing with her patients and clients their innate ability to heal, based on Spiritual Principles.

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Linda Scheiblich, RScP

lindas.jpgFrom the time I was five years old, the game I loved to play the most was "teacher." It is still my favorite thing to do. It is my joy, my talent, and what I am most drawn to. Even though I became a social worker in the early 1970’s, my heart was always in teaching. I guest taught at Santa Rosa Junior College and Sonoma State University and conducted workshops in my professional life. In 2004 I decided to follow my heart and do what I love to do most. I went back to college and began a new career in primary education. 

After becoming a licensed Professional Prayer Practitioner in 1994, I started assisting in the Science of Mind classes. My favorite class is “Spiritual Practices for Daily Living” and after assisting in the class for many years, I began teaching it in 2001. It is a joy and a privilege to teach what I love to do: meditation, prayer, journaling, and using spiritual principles to improve my life and the lives of others.

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Diane Tapogna, RScP

DianeTapagnaDiane has been a member of the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa for over 12 years and a Prayer Practitioner since 2006. Diane has served on the pledge gathering team and has been a class assistant. Diane is passionate about praying for others and is often available after Sunday service for prayer in Grinton Chapel. 

"I love our spiritual community. I am so inspired by others who share their stories and wisdom about their spiritual journey.  I am dedicated to applying the principles of Science of Mind to my daily life, so that I may be of service to all I meet."
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Dr. Edward Viljoen

ev for edu.jpgRev. Dr. Edward Viljoen discovered Science of Mind while reading a book on a flight from his native South Africa to the United States. Upon arriving, he searched for the nearest Religious Science Church and immediately enrolled in the available classes.

During his training as a Practitioner and then minister, he served in the World Ministry of Prayer and trained volunteers to staff the prayer lines. He was the author of the Ernest Holmes Study Guide in the Science of Mind magazine for many years. He was ordained in May 1996 and graduated as a Sonoma County Law Enforcement Chaplain in April 1999. In 2003, he was awarded an honorary Doctoral Degree in Divinity from Holmes Institute. He served as chairperson of the team responsible for guiding the Religious Science movement through its organizational restructuring. He has been senior minister of the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa since 1995.

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