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From the Director - Dr. Kim Kaiser

There is a good for me and I ought to have it.

Dr. Edward recently spoke about his (and my) favorite bumper sticker: "Don't Believe Everything You Think!" This surprising admonition immediately gives us a new way to look at ourselves. We begin to see how it might be that our thoughts, and even our beliefs, are not the essence of what we are. Many of us have long felt that at the core of our being there is something within us that is more powerful than our opinions and judgments.
One of the great teachers of our tradition, Emma Curtis Hopkins, recognized this and pointed to what really moves us: the core desires living in our hearts. She said we must learn to speak and act from what our hearts truly desire, from what she called “the heart’s thinking.” For example, she said we all truly feel "There is a good for me and I ought to have it" but don’t allow ourselves to believe it’s true. She taught that when we speak what our hearts truly desire we finally contact a universal energy that lives in everything and everyone and this is the energy that moves us into a new way of being and behaving.
But often our minds don’t believe our hearts. And, as you can imagine, sometimes our ideas of our good can be very confused, mixed up with a child's ideas of right and wrong and society's messages of virtue and success. This is why in our Center, study is really the education of the heart. Our classes are designed to help us become clear about what our hearts truly desire and give us ways to live out this truth in all we do. The wide variety of classes we offer are meant to facilitate this new vision and to open our eyes to our good. They teach us to use the "heart's thinking" and not blindly stumble about in the confusion of believing "everything we think."




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Meaningful Conversation by Dr. Kim Kaiser, Director of Education

kim for webWho have you had a real conversation with recently? A conversation in which you talked about something important to you; a conversation where you got to express your feelings and thoughts with a sense of really being heard. It is difficult to find someone who listens for the truth in what you have to say and listens with a real interest in you. We feel hunger for this kind of interaction, we treasure those people who give us this opportunity. Studying together in Science of Mind classes makes you a member of a group of people who come together for this purpose: to meet, discuss and delight in their evergrowing awareness of the presence of Spirit in their lives.

You have a rare opportunity by being a part of this spiritual community for you are surrounded by people who have the intention to see God, Spirit in you and what you say. The awareness of Spirit that you bring to this community is vital and essential for all of us. Join us in one of our classes where we have the opportunity to share the wisdom of this teaching, to both give and receive it, to be seen for who you truly are: a place where God's wisdom shows up as you.


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Mystical Pie, a testimonal by Sherry Vierra

Every class I have taken at the center has been life changing, each bringing me to more understanding of myself, more acceptance, love, freedom, peace.  In short each class...a more profound awareness.

If Spirit is a pumpkin pie then I think it is fair to say that each class gives me a more compelling sniff.  In class we study ingredients, technique and share recipes.  We take bites and compare notes, exchange recipes.  We learn how to mix, knead and roll out beautiful manifestations of Pie.

In Practical Mysticism, we wallow in Pie, we eat it, smear it on ourselves and others, we play with It, make love to It...We let Pie have Its way with us.  We still spend time studying the ingredients and sniffing at the aroma but we get so deep in this mystical Pie that we leave each class completely sated, bits of crust clinging to us.



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So Many Gifts by Dr. Kim Kaiser, Director of Education

Have you ever suddenly realized that something you've always wanted is already here? The package has already been delivered and it's sitting in front of you waiting to be opened?

This is the experience so many have had after they have come to our classes here at the Center for Spiritual Living.  Listening and looking together with other spiritually alert individuals, each person can begin to see more of what is right in front of them always.   Beneath the surface of appearances, there is a Reality that comes into focus when you give your sustained attention to it. 

Our classes give us the tools and training that show us how we can find what we've always been looking for: health, well being, joy and love.  Because our teachers and many past students have experienced the surprise of these discoveries again and again, they continue to come back to these classes to go deeper and uncover more of the gifts that wait for them. 

Brain studies, meditators and mystics agree that changing the way you look at your world reveals new aspects of it and new ways on being in it.  There are gifts available to you right now when you open your eyes to see.

The mystical poet, Hafiz, inspired this poem by Daniel Ladinsky, which aptly sums up what is being said here:

So Many Gifts

There are so many gifts
still unopened from your birthday
there are so many handcrafted presents
that have been sent to you by God.
The beloved does not mind repeating,
“everything I have is also yours”
Please forgive Hafiz and the friend
if we break into a sweet laughter
when your heart complains of being thirsty
when  ages ago
every cell in your soul
capsized forever
into this infinite golden sea.
Indeed, a lover's pain is like holding one's breath too long
in the middle of a vital performance,
in the middle one of creation’s favorite songs
indeed, a lover's pain is this sleeping, this sleeping,
when God just rolled over and gave you such a big good morning kiss!
There are so many gifts, dear,
still unopened from your birthday.
Oh, there are so many handcrafted presents
that have been sent to your life
from God.


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