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From the Director - Dr. Kim Kaiser

There is a good for me and I ought to have it.

Dr. Edward recently spoke about his (and my) favorite bumper sticker: "Don't Believe Everything You Think!" This surprising admonition immediately gives us a new way to look at ourselves. We begin to see how it might be that our thoughts, and even our beliefs, are not the essence of what we are. Many of us have long felt that at the core of our being there is something within us that is more powerful than our opinions and judgments.
One of the great teachers of our tradition, Emma Curtis Hopkins, recognized this and pointed to what really moves us: the core desires living in our hearts. She said we must learn to speak and act from what our hearts truly desire, from what she called “the heart’s thinking.” For example, she said we all truly feel "There is a good for me and I ought to have it" but don’t allow ourselves to believe it’s true. She taught that when we speak what our hearts truly desire we finally contact a universal energy that lives in everything and everyone and this is the energy that moves us into a new way of being and behaving.
But often our minds don’t believe our hearts. And, as you can imagine, sometimes our ideas of our good can be very confused, mixed up with a child's ideas of right and wrong and society's messages of virtue and success. This is why in our Center, study is really the education of the heart. Our classes are designed to help us become clear about what our hearts truly desire and give us ways to live out this truth in all we do. The wide variety of classes we offer are meant to facilitate this new vision and to open our eyes to our good. They teach us to use the "heart's thinking" and not blindly stumble about in the confusion of believing "everything we think."




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