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Meaningful Conversation by Dr. Kim Kaiser, Director of Education

kim for webWho have you had a real conversation with recently? A conversation in which you talked about something important to you; a conversation where you got to express your feelings and thoughts with a sense of really being heard. It is difficult to find someone who listens for the truth in what you have to say and listens with a real interest in you. We feel hunger for this kind of interaction, we treasure those people who give us this opportunity. Studying together in Science of Mind classes makes you a member of a group of people who come together for this purpose: to meet, discuss and delight in their evergrowing awareness of the presence of Spirit in their lives.

You have a rare opportunity by being a part of this spiritual community for you are surrounded by people who have the intention to see God, Spirit in you and what you say. The awareness of Spirit that you bring to this community is vital and essential for all of us. Join us in one of our classes where we have the opportunity to share the wisdom of this teaching, to both give and receive it, to be seen for who you truly are: a place where God's wisdom shows up as you.


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