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Circulation - Giving and Receiving

"Freely ye have received, freely give."

The Spiritual Practice of giving is an important key to life, for in giving we open ourselves to receive a greater good. As Ernest Holmes states, "It is only as we allow the Divine current to flow through us that we really express life." By practicing the Law of Circulation we grow into alignment with our True Nature and our thoughts of survival are replaced by thoughts of wellbeing. We can then live lives that express the Prosperity inherent within each of us.

We offer many ways for each of us to explore this thing called "Prosperity," which is truly moving forward in joy! There are wonderful, challenging classes that support your discovering what is true for you and how to consciously choose to experience a Greater Good in life. One aspect of giving is to give our time. We hope you find an area of service that opens your heart, as you share your gift of self with others. There are many opportunities for you in the area of service. We invite you to look them over and to get involved with any that interest you. To find out more about giving through service, visit the Ministry of Service Table in the Social Hall or click [ here ] to see a list of service opportunities currently available.

We also challenge each other to grow through giving financially. This is one of the greatest stretches many of us make to expand our ability to accept more good. By exploring the truth about money and what it stands for in our lives we have the opportunity to gain freedom from its having power over us. Instead we may expand our understanding of prosperity to take us beyond money alone and truly reflect the abundant nature of Life itself and our right to live abundant lives.

We encourage you to practice the art of giving by pledging or tithing to where you are spiritually fed. If that happens to be the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa, then we invite you to give by mail or by participating in an offering during a service. Two of the many classes that explore the Law of Circulation are Foundations and Financial Freedom. Each takes a deep look at what are we giving and what are we receiving from life.



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