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One Heart Choir

The One Heart Choir


This is where you will find images, videos, and articles about One Heart Choir activities.

 choir 700 wide


Read more about our director, Claire Victor.

It's also the place where you will find:

• Audition Announcements (see below)

• Everything you need to know about being a choir member (see below)

• Choir Member Agreement (see below)

• Respectful Communication Guide (click here).



Everything You Need to Know about Choir Fall 2017

Click [ HERE ] to open, download, or print the One Heart Choir information for Fall 2017.

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Choir Auditions

Love to sing? Want to be part of the music ministry here at the Center? The One Heart Choir has openings for the upcoming season. For information about how you might join, please read the document above titled, "Everything You Need to Know About Choir", and then e-mail director Claire Victor at or call 484-3810 to find out how to sign up

Warning: Choir may be habit-forming. Members have been known to laugh often, make new friends, and experience spontaneous outbursts of bliss.


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One Heart Choir Membership Agreement

Click [ HERE ] to print the One Heart Choir Membership Agreement


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Why I love the One Heart Choir

Members of the One Heart Choir express their gratitude for being part of the music ministry at the Center and tell the story of why they love to sing. Look for a different story every few weeks.


Every now and then I'm reminded that the songs we sing do count for something.  After having a "bad" day mentally and physically, I stopped in my tracts while listening to our downloaded music CD and took notice of the words of "Count Your Blessings".  Needless to say I took those words to heart, really listened...and all was well after that!  What a miracle!  No, really it was me slowing down and noticing my life and all the experiences that I am so blessed to have. 

Claire, great song you and Randal wrote.  Thanks...Olivia


I just wanted to express to you how wonderful it felt last week to become a New Heart!  Thank YOU Claire for all of your hard work and all of those that are your right-hand persons!  I have to admit that I felt over-whelmed, but it was a very good over-whelm!

It was so abundantly clear to me how much each person there loves and cares about their part in the choir and the role that it plays in the center community.  The first night was amazing, awesome, heart-felt.....I could go on and on.  Thank you over and over again. 

Blessings to you, Dinna


Thank goodness we are stuck with you Claire! I have learned more about singing, music, behaving, integrity, respect, showing up, being responsive, happiness, choosing, loving, boundaries, feeling included, listening to my own guides, working, paying attention, supporting, being available, opening up, breathing, and did I mention singing! That is in these four short months! I am letting my imagination wander to where I could be in 1 year, 2 years, and so on. With you as a leader, just your presence demands these things; your hard work, your diligence, your caring, your beautiful voice, are such examples. I feel blessed to be a part of such a great group with your leadership!
YAHOOOOOOOO! Happy to be stuck with you! You Rock!
In Happiness, Stacy


I also didn't take the time to express my appreciation for Claire.  She has been a light in my life over the past decade.  She has been an inspiration to me in how she led us consistently to improve and be our best;  how she helped me get to the edge of feelings where I could experience a presence not available during the rest of my life;  and how all she had to do was smile to brighten my days.  I was fortunate to spend an evening every week with her and all of you.  



Singing with the One Heart Choir last Sunday takes me in and out of happiness and tears for each service we sing at. I've found I am opening my heart chakra in so many other areas of my life because of it. It extends into my work, my creativity, my relationships, love.....The heart combined with singing does amazing things to ones spirit.


Why I Love to Sing in The One Heart Choir – Jo Lauer, Soprano

When I was a child, I remember holidays or Sunday gatherings of our multi-generational extended family after a huge meal of meat and potatoes, overcooked vegetables, and cherry or apple pie or whatever had been salvaged from the trees out back that year. We crowded into my Aunt’s family room, around the piano, on arms of couches, filling floor space. The kids, my cousins and I, always got to go first. We’d sing songs, create one-act plays, maybe do a tap dance routine while twirling batons. Whatever we did, it was to a rapturous audience.  


They loved us, we loved them, and we loved them loving us. Then the big folks would sing the “old time songs” that still linger somewhere in the back of my memory, and we’d all join in. This is where I learned harmony.  My Dad’s brother Bob and sister Charlotte would play the piano by ear, the various aunts, uncles, grandparents, and a few town elders thrown into the mix would pick out their parts and sing, if not always on tune, with more heart and soul than anyone on the radio.

When I was a teen, my cousin Ian died of a brain tumor. The family gathered a year later for vacation and to celebrate his life. We sat around one evening and sang, “I Come to the Garden Alone,” and “Swing Low Sweet Chariot,” in three-part harmony. Not a dry eye in the house. We lightened up a little with “Sentimental Journey,” “Doodle de Do,” and “Go Tell Aunt Rhode.”

My parents are gone now; all the grandparents, aunts, and uncles preceded them. A few of my cousins have died, and the rest of us are spread all over the map. Singing in The One Heart Choir is a way of honoring my family, my connection to music and Spirit, to the beauty of energy vibrating through harmony. I am as much in service to my church family when I get to sing to you as I was singing to my Great Grammy Godlove. It’s a personal expression of love, from me to you, joined by all my choir “cousins,” in fabulous harmony. And so it is; and so it has always been. 

In deep gratitude,  

Jo Lauer



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More fun photos of the One Heart Choir


Photos from our performance on October 12, 2014

Solosits Claire Victor, Linda Weber and Anita Kotik.



























































Photos from our performance on March 9, 2014

Soloists Claire Victor and Sherry Lea Jones


Our Magic Soundman, Paul Sarran


The Baritones and Basses with a few Tenors

 The other half of the choir.


This is what we do in between performances.



 Photos from our performance on October 20, 2013.

Patrick Hardman and Calvin Johnson were soloists.

Thanks to Will Bakx for taking photos.


























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