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Pamela Heck

pamela_heck1.jpgPamela Heck has been a licensed practitioner since 1995 and sees creativity, in all its forms, as an expression of Spirit at work in the world. Pamela is honored to assist you in turning your desires and aspirations into reality.

Recently, having agreed to chair an important project, I began to doubt my abilities. I asked Pamela to do a treatment for trust, and for the perfect unfoldment of the event. Well, it all came together easily, without struggle. Volunteers did what they said they would, beautifully. Two people asked for the chore I most dreaded, and did it perfectly. Terrific ideas just flowed into my mind. I have never before had so much fun being chair of anything. Guests even wanted to buy my decorations as art objects. Wow! Powerful prayer work, Pam. —C.T.

Pamela can be reached at 322-7753, or email She sees clients by appointment at the Center and in her Sebastopol home. Her fee is $65 per session. A sliding scale is available.


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