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Five Steps of Spiritual Mind Treatment

The Technique and the Fire

I know that there is a technique for spiritual mind treatment which can be taught. I also know that there is something
vital to a treatment which cannot be taught – my identification with the Center and Source of my being, which is pure
Spirit. This I must find for myself through continuous awareness of the Presence that surrounds and indwells me.  
I make conscious use of the Principle for a definite purpose – but I must ground that action in a deep inner perception
and conviction of the Spiritual Truth about myself and any condition related to the treatment.

A perception of wholeness is the consciousness of healing ... If we are to become whole, it must be through the
perception of wholeness. The mold which we create with the Intellect ... is necessary, but the realization, that which
catches fire from Heaven, must be like Heaven.

—Ernest Holmes

The first two stages of treatment, Recognition and Unification, form a portal through which I allow my perception
of wholeness to shine, illuminating every word I think, speak, or write.



The Purpose



Before beginning, I carefully formulate the purpose of my treatment. First...I state the condition in my life that I want to change. Example:

I urgently need a job. Unemployment benefits are running out and bills are piling up.

Then...I state the changed condition that I expect to experience as a result of this treatment. Example:

A new job is now mine which meets my financial needs with substance to share and to spare, and offers room for growth and contribution.

This statement is the purpose of my treatment.  In clarifying the purpose before I begin my treatment, I am creating a course or theme for my treatment upon which the Realization step will eventually be based.




All there Is

In my own words, I describe Divinity.  I use words that express the Oneness, the Allness, the Wholeness of God. I express my deep conviction that God is all there is...that there is nothing anywhere but God...that there is no spot, no situation where God is not, because God is ALL-inclusive...that God is the Infinite Love that rules the Universe through the Law of Its Being. Suggestion:  Avoid using I statements.  Instead use “big picture” words and phrases that describe the Presence and Power of Divinity in, under, over, around, and through all that is. Do not use the word “I”.  Only state what God IS.




One with God


In my own words, I describe my relationship to this everywhere-present Divinity in terms of my oneness with It.  I state ideas that express that I am inseparably One at the Source with the Infinite Presence and Power. I express my deep conviction that God in me, as me, is me...that I am made of the same God-Stuff, a whole, perfect, and complete child of God. This is WHO I AM. This is the Truth about me.  Suggestion:  Use I statements.  Avoid repeating step one.



and Embody
My Good

In my own words I express my acceptance of that which the purpose of my treatment describes.  I declare that I wholly accept and embody this realization as the Spiritual Truth of my being and my affairs ... that I clearly see the special good that I desire as already mine, right now. My entire being is open and ready to receive this good that is mine now.  Suggestion:  Use words that reflect a deep feeling of acceptance.  For example “I deeply and fully realize that the good I desire is already mine because of WHO I AM, God's perfect child, a Spiritual Being right now, right where I am. I am one with all the abundance and energy of the Universe. I wholly recognize, accept, and embody this Perfect Right Action, and I allow it to unfold in my experience.”




In my own words, I express my thankfulness for this realization of Good in my being and affairs – and for what I have now realized and for the good that is taking form in my experience.  Suggestion:  This stage is an outpouring of my attitude of gratitude for this new awareness.  Suggestion:  Avoid expressing thanks to God in any form.  Instead, celebrate your new awareness.  Avoid restating steps one through three.



and let God

In my own language, I bring this Spiritual Mind Treatment to a close by using words that illustrate I have released it to the action of the Law.  This step is a affirmation of trust and confidence that the Law of Mind is at work.   It is important that this release be total. I may treat again tomorrow for the same good; but the present treatment is a spiritual entity and, as such, is being released into the Law.  Suggestion:  Let the focal point of this step be on letting go, trust and surrender.  Avoid restating steps one through four.

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Monthly World Peace Meditation

takes place on the last day of every month (exception: October30) at 7 pm in the Practitioner Room Upstairs near the Library. Our common intention is to focus awareness on peace—the inner peace that is the revelation of world peace. For more information, please contact Jim or Vivian Strand at 833-6674.

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Project Sleep Warm

Project Sleep Warm meets on the second Saturday of every month from 10 am to 1 pm. We make simple, warm quilts for homeless shelters and we look forward to welcoming you into our group. No experience required. We will teach you. For more information, please contact Brenda Kobrin at 566-6785 or Rita Stern at 769-9009.

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What Is A Prayer Partner and Where Do I Get One?

A Prayer Partner is someone who agrees to exchange prayers with you for an agreed upon period of time. A partnership can be formed for an initial period of time, for example six months, and then concluded or extended as desired.

Prayer Partners do not need to meet in person. You can exchange prayer requests on e-mail, or a weekly telephone call.

Some people prefer to talk on the phone, exchange prayer requests, and pray right there on the phone. Others prefer to exchange the prayer request on e-mail and go about praying in their own time and at their own pace.

Key elements to a successful prayer partnership is a regular schedule of meeting and exchanging prayers. Make a date once a week to connect and stick to it.

It is recommended that the partnership and meeting be restricted to the activity of exchanging prayer and praying and not be extended into socializing.


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Prayer Support

We are here to help!

You can call the Telephone Prayer Ministry at 707-546-4561 or submit an online prayer request by clicking [here].