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2010 Featured Books

Practice the Presence
Featured Books
for 2010

January – Sacredness
Learning From the Heart,
Daniel Gottlieb

February – Love
A More Ardent Fire, Eknath Easwaran

March – Temperance (balance)
That Which You Are Seeking
Is Causing You to Seek, Cheri Huber

April – Community
Choices that Change Lives, Hal Urban

May – Order
The Invitation,
Oriah Mountain Dreamer

June – Contemplation
Why Faith Matters, David Wolpe

July – Charity
Ask and It Is Given, Esther and Jerry Hicks

August – Being
How to Live in the World
and Still be Happy, Hugh Prather

September – Inner Peace
Miracle Prayer, Susan Shumsky

October – Generosity of Spirit
The Prosperous Life Journal,
Chris Michaels and Edward Viljoen

November – Self-Expression
The Science of Successful Living,
Raymond Charles Barker

December – Gladness
I Heard God Laughing,
Daniel Ladinsky


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