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I Listen and Learn

holmes gooda prayer inspired by Ernest Holmes

Deliberately, sincerely, and quietly I turn from the outer world, and my reaction to it, to the inner world of Spirit, to the center of God’s life within me—for I know I could not be alive without It.
God’s Life in me is the center of Peace and Order within me, and I align myself with these aspects of the Divine through this prayer.
I affirm that all my responses to life are governed by my awareness of God’s Peace and Order within me.
I do everything that is mine to do in the right order and with the right attention.
I move through this world untroubled, without strain or tension.
I am free from whatever past bondages may have been, and today, right now, I live in this world at Peace.
From this awareness of Peace, I listen.
I listen to Life.
I listen to my heart.
I listen to inner wisdom.
I listen to others.
I listen and learn and recognize the wonder of Life within all people, and I give thanks.

—adapted by Edward Viljoen


Your Prayers Can Change Conditions

Donate an hour of your time:  Rev. Michele Synegal of our Center in Baltimore, The Spiritual Empowerment Center requested prayer support for her community and her city.  I immediately began praying the prayer I have been taught at Centers for Spiritual Living, an affirmative style prayer dwelling on peace just as Rev. Michele suggested.  I invested an hour of my time forming the affirmative prayer and then I posted her request on our organization’s Facebook page and began collecting other people’s written affirmative  prayers (Spiritual Mind Treatments) and posting them there in the comments.   Rev. Michele commented, “Thank you for your prayers.  They have the power to change conditions!” 

The instant I read that comment I felt renewed in my commitment to spiritual work and I remembered that at the heart of our movement is this idea that prayer can change conditions.  It just took me an hour, surely I can invest that a couple times a week, if not every day, for our nation and it’s beleaguered communities.   And, if a person doesn’t know how to write an affirmative prayer, a kind word posted on our Centers for Spiritual Living Facebook Page will have a similar effect.  Or. a quick visit to the Online Affirmative Prayer Library will give you the opportunity to search for prayers by topic. 

You could copy the text of one, title it “For Baltimore,” add the hashtags #Baltimore, #AWorldThatWorksForEveryone and post it on Facebook on your own timeline and on our organizations timeline.


Nepal - Your Donations Can Bring Relief

100% of your gift will fund the most urgent needs for earthquake survivors:  My heart is being cracked wide open by the loss of life both at home and abroad.  I want to reach out and connect.  I want to do something in addition to donating my spiritual practice.  In the case of the earthquake damage in Nepal, the numbers of people affected and the damage overwhelms me and I want to give something.  I worry that money donated doesn’t reach the people affected. 

I searched for and read about organizations until I feel confident that the money I give is going where it can be used.  I found Charity : Water and love that they say 100% of the money I donate goes directly to the earthquake survivors.  I love what they are about.  I’ve already made one donation and I plan to do more.  I’m reminded that the small act of contribution I made has a profound effect, not only on the people helped, but on me.  It opens my heart up more, to do more, to pray more, to give more and to visualize peace frequently.


HIV/AIDS - Your Support Can Inspire Thousands

Life changing experience for participants, clients and donors:  Some people have the schedule that allows them to take a whole week off and ride a bicycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles.  Others don’t.  But everyone can support those who ride and those who staff the ride.  Every bit of support, whether in prayer, or donations, or kind words, adds to the moment of this powerful event.  And I believe it is the well wishes of everyone cheering the riders and staff on that make it possible for thousands of rides to make it.  Well, that and arduous training. 

It’s not to late for you to sponsor a rider on this year’s AIDS/Life Cycle Ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles.  Indeed, I would love you to support me!  I’m working very hard to be able to do this ride, and I’m doing it because of the many people I have seen die and struggle with HIV/AIDS at a time when funding for support organizations seems to have fallen to events such as this.  Doing something matched with knowing something (spiritual practice) is helping restore my faith in a vision of a world in which there is a generous and ongoing sharing of resources and love.

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