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I Listen and Learn

     Deliberately, sincerely, and quietly I turn from the outer world, and my reaction to it, to the inner world of Spirit, to the center of God’s life within me -- for I know I could not be alive without It.
     God’s Life in me is the center of Peace and Order within me, and I align myself with these aspects of the Divine through this prayer.
     I affirm that all my responses to life are governed by my awareness of God’s Peace and Order within me.
     I do everything that is mine to do in the right order and with the right attention. I move through this world untroubled, without strain or tension. I am free from whatever past bondages may have been, and today, right now, I live in this world at Peace.
     From this awareness of Peace, I listen. I listen to Life.
     I listen to my heart. I listen to inner wisdom. I listen to others. I listen and learn and recognize the wonder of Life within all people, and I give thanks.
     —adapted from Ernest Holmes by Edward Viljoen




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