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Yoga Nidra: The Art of Being Still


Monday evening, August 6, at 6:30 pm, is the first night of a four-week Yoga Nidra series taught by Kathy Reardon, RScP. Yoga Nidra is a non-movement, deep, guided meditation using tensing and relaxing breathwork and attention to create a state of bliss, relaxation, and restoration, by connecting to one's true self. This series will softly focus on the benefits of Yoga Nidra regarding self love as well as healing grief, depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Kathy Reardon, a licensed prayer practitioner in our spiritual community and an Amrit Method® Certified Facilitator of Yoga Nidra, guides participants to relax and drop into a profound state of peace.

Registration is $45 for a maximum of 25 participants. Register in the Social Hall on Sundays or online by clicking [ HERE ].  Online registration will end Sunday, August 5. Tickets will be available at the door if there is space.

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