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Men Being Men Together

ManspiritSQThe annual ManSpirit Retreat is September 21 to 23 at Walker Creek Ranch in Petaluma. ManSpirit is a gathering of men who meet regularly to grow spiritually, connect with spirit as expressed in men, form relationships, make friends, find emotional support, and build an ever growing web of male emotional and spiritual growth together. We do this in faith against the framework that has been laid out before us, so that we can become better partners, friends, dads and men. ManSpirit is an experience to have when you are feeling alone as a man, when you are feeling good as a man and a place to go when you need connections. It is a community of men that binds us together in a world full of the chaos that modern life has created. ManSpirit is exactly what you make of it. What you bring, is what you grow.

To see more information about the retreat or to register online, click [ HERE ]

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