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Feelings, Facts and Truth - A Workshop

ChristiCorradiSeptember 23 from 2 to 4 pm, join Christi Corradi for a workshop. Come play with us to see how understanding the ways that our co-creative process works as the first to building a life we love. We'll open our awareness to how our thoughts and feelings create our current reality by clarifying and discerning the difference between the facts, feelings, and Truth, we can wean our minds away from self-defeating thoughts and nourish our minds instead with a consistently powerful exchange between the heart of our soul and Universal Mind. When we change our thinking, we change our life. These tools help differentiate the facts and feelings from the Truth of any situation.

Christi Corradi believes each one of us has a masterpiece within us, a unique creativity we have been given, and that it is both our profound privilege and our greatest responsibility to bring that masterpiece into the world.

Christi has worked with teens and adults to help them expand their horizons and reach their goals. Among her credentials, she is a Life Mastery Consultant, Life Coach and a certified DreamBuilder Coach. Christi has become a change agent for those who are seeking to transform their lives and find creative solutions in order to live the life they love. Whatever you are seeking, Christi can help you find the solution you’ve been searching for.

Tickets are $25.00. To purchase tickets online, click [ HERE ]

Tickets for workshops are not mailed out. They will be held for pickup at the door the day of the workshop. Online ticket sales for this workshop will end Tuesday, September 18, at 5 pm. Tickets will be available at the door if there is space available. No Refunds.

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