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How to Heal Race-Based Hatred and Violence Through Spiritual Consciousness

TracyBrownSunday, June 30 from 1:30 to 4:30 pm, Tracy Brown presents a provacative workshop: From Namaste to Ubuntu. Have you been craving a healthy, spiritually grounded conversation about the tensions between identity groups in this country? In this workshop, Tracy Brown will create a safe environment for us to call out the current landscape of divisiveness and explore how we can each make a positive difference. Tracy will challenge us to look at the human facts but apply the spiritual truth as we travel together toward a world that represents heaven on earth.

This workshop will include interactive activities and dialogue with other participants. We will explore our spiritual values, our tendency to escape to spiritual bypass and our opportunities to model heaven on earth.

Tracy Brown, RScP, is an accomplished speaker and a published author who is known for her ability to engage people in sensitive conversations. Her latest book, “Stained Glass Spirit” focuses on becoming a spiritual community where Oneness does not require sameness. She is a Licensed Practitioner who is actively involved as a teacher, speaker and leader at CSLDallas. She has also been very active as a leader in Centers for Spiritual Living. Tracy is the current chair of the governing body for CSL worldwide and a recipient of the Ernest Holmes Award.

Tickets are $30, available online  and at the door. To order tickets online, click [ HERE ]

No Refunds.

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