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Seniors in Spirit

About Our Group

Seniors In Spirit is a diverse community of seniors 60 years and up, where sharing and a welcoming atmosphere of warmth and love are a high priority. Our purpose is to provide companionship with each other as expressions of the One Mind and for spiritual support. We meet at 1 pm on the second Tuesday of the month for luncheon at a local restaurant. In addition to socializing and enjoying good food, this luncheon is also a planning meeting for future events and outings. So, come and share your ideas and inspirations. Please contact Norma at 579-1248 to learn of the location and to reserve your place at lunch. We look forward to meeting you and having you join us. Welcome!



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Seniors at Pepperwood Preserve Wildflower Festival

Ginny Odell, Jeanine Hillman, Connie Nelin, Cher Traendly, & Howard Doughty enjoying lunch at the Pepperwood Preserve Wildlife Festival  on April13, 2014.

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Easter Baskets for Children 2014


The Seniors in Spirit group put together 22 Easter baskets for the children at Children's Village in Santa Rosa. The Children’s Village of Sonoma County is a unique, non-profit organization providing nurturing, family-style homes for children and siblings in foster care. Members brought candy, stuffed animals, toys, games, journals, bubbles and pencils to stuff the baskets. This is our second annual event for these children. Bob and Ginny Odell organized this project and delivered the baskets. If you would like more information please contact Ginny and Bob Odell at 707-837-5186, or




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Christmas Party 2013


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Seniors In Spirit Outing 2013

 Wildlife Refuge Petaluma November

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"When I am having a “bad day” or week, filed with stress or external problems or events, I remember to meditate, do a mind treatment, and remind myself that I am living a perfect life in paradise and that this is my reality, and this completely changes my feelings and outlook from the blues to bliss."


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