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Soles for Souls

Soles for Souls is a Ministry of the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa, dedicated to placing new shoes on children in Sonoma County through charitable donations and with anonymous gifts to children.

Where our love hits the roads, sidewalks, and playgrounds of our greater community!

2014 Soles for Souls a great success

Our hearts are filled with gratitude, for you and for Payless Shoes. You (the people who attend the Center) donated $4,250 and Payless pitched in a record $1,070, allowing us to distribute 532 ten dollar gift cards for kids to buy new shoes.

This chart shows how your support for kids in our community has grown over the past five years. Your donations are doing good work in the world!





of $10 Gift


























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Meeting the ongoing need for new shoes

In the week the Soles for Souls gift cards were given to Lincoln Elementary School last fall, an administrator had to tie a student's shoe together with a yellow ribbon to keep the sole in place.  Some parents cut the toes of their kids' shoes out when their feet outgrew their shoes.  The need for shoes is on-going, and our Soles for Souls program helps kids all year.

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Soles for Souls - replacing duct tape with new shoes

“I taught two students in Science last year and I noticed they were still wearing the same shoes, slippers actually, this year. They were fake fur slippers that they wore even when it was 92 degrees outside. They would come to me to borrow duct tape to tape the already taped soles. They were each given a shoe card and I notice they no longer wear their slippers, so thank you very much.”

         Ms. Turpin, Leadership Teacher, Lawrence Cook Middle School

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Christmas blessings at Cook Jr High

Our “Soles for Souls” program continues to do good work in the world, and provides unexpected blessings. 

“We have a student who lost his grandmother (his guardian), suddenly last week. She was the family’s sole source of support, and I’m sure their Christmas will be pretty bleak this year. Our student has two younger siblings. We are giving the young man shoe cards so he can buy shoes for himself and his siblings for Christmas. Thank you so much for the opportunity to help our students in need.”        Jennifer Schoen, Cook Middle School Counselor


“I just wanted to share an example of how our Payless Shoe Cards are being used. I have a student who was kneeling at a table, working on a project. I could see the soles of his sneakers, which were full of holes. The holes were deep enough to see his socks, on a morning that the temperature was under 30 degrees. I gave my student two shoe cards, and told him Santa wanted to give him a new pair of shoes. He smiled and said he’d been hoping to get shoes for Christmas. Thank you.”          Jennifer Schoen, Cook Middle School Counselor

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So many possible new shoes

What a glorious community we have.

Your generosity yielded 512 gift cards worth $10 that will help young people in our broader community get a pair of new shoes. 

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Thank You for Soles from Souls

HI Kurt

I hope this email finds you well.

I wanted to find our if additional Payless Shoe vouchers from the Center for Spiritual Living might be available.  I plan to get a letter out to you next week with some specific stories but I wanted to give you a heads up and let you know how valuable these vouchers continue to be for our families. The vouchers have helped over 15 children ranging in age from 18 months (very first shoes!) to 17 years old. As I am sure you can imagine, some families are repeat since children tend to outgrow shoes for school and sports.  Given that our economy is not really improving, these vouchers have been a true blessing.

Thanks so much


Diana Klein, MA, MFT
Director, JFCS Sonoma County Region
1360 N.Dutton Ave. Ste C, Santa Rosa, CA 95401





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Call and leave a message at 707-546-4543707-546-4543, ext. 370. We check this voice mail box at least twice daily. Or visit the Heart in Hand table in the Social Hall on Sunday morning to put a written request in the box.

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