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Student Spirit

backpacksThe Center has an annual tradition of supporting students in Sonoma County by giving them school supplies and backpacks for the coming school year. Visit the Student Spirit table in the Social Hall to pick up a shopping list to fulfill for a student or a classroom. If you don’t have time to shop for a backpack or school supplies, you are welcome to make a donation and we will do the shopping for you. Thank you for your generosity in making a difference in the lives of children in our community. We receive heart warming letters each year from students and teachers who have been touched by our unconditional support. Please join us in this spiritual event of giving from our hearts to theirs.


Gratitude from a Principal
Over 75% of our students live in poverty. At the beginning of the year I see a number of our students arrive without having had the enjoyable experience of shopping for new school supplies. So when I visit
the classrooms on the first day of school I let all the students know that if they did not have a chance to do their back-to-school shopping yet, they can come and "shop" in my office at recess. They leave my office with a smile on their face; a brand new backpack on their back; and school supplies that they have selected, feeling just as special as any other child at the beginning of the school year. I wish you could see the difference you make! It would not be possible without your generous donations. Thank you so much!

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