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Teen Group


The Teen Group meets in Room 11 from 11:15 to 12:45 weekly, in what is effectively the teen lounge.  Weekly activities include discussion, interactive work and play, music, written word, art and more, exploring questions of spirit, personal and global transformation.  Our teen advisors guide the group in prayer and explore spiritual principals for daily living in a fun and relevant way.

Our teens work together on service projects, fundraisers, retreats and social events. 

Contact Susan Robinson, R.Sc.P.

Director, Youth and Family Ministry




Sticking Together


On February 15th our teen group participated in a workshop intitled Sticking Together. The workshop was created by the Centers for Spiritual Living teen leadership team as part of the "Bring your friend to teen group" promotion to help build up the teen groups within the local Centers. Our group delayed the workshop for a week so more of us could participate. Teen workshops are group activities that support a Spiritual Principal with a specific Purpose. The Purpose of this workshop was: To share positive qualities with our friends and embody the qualites we wish to experience more in our lives. The Spiritual Prinicpal came from the Science of Mind textbook (p. 183) "In order to have this friendship enduring, true, really worth while and a thing of beauty, we should cultivate an attitude of friendship toward everybody and everything". The workshop was a blast. As you can see by the photos above our teens were covered with sticky notes filled with positive qualities others witness in them. These sticky notes were then compaired to a "master" sticky note that each person created at the beginning of the workshop full of qualities they admire in others. All of the teens who shared at the end of the workshop had at least one, if not many of the same qualities on their own sticky notes. It was a great bonding experience and a beautiful demonstration of our Purpose statement! 

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Summer Teen Camp CSL style


Over the week of July 12th through the 19th approximately 350 teens and adults gathered on the beautiful grounds of Camp Buckhorn located in the San Jacinto mountains in Idyllwild/Pine Cove Ca. for Summer Teen Camp CSL style. This was my first summer camp experience in many many years, and I can say on the "other" side, unlike any camp I ever attended as a youth. 

The theme this year was Be-YOU-tiful. It was an adventure into the beauty of the self, the inner most YOU. Imagine a reverse bell curve where the collective group experience starts out on a spiritual high then through the course of the week takes you on a deep dive into a journey of self exploration in personal beliefs, perceptions, limitations, release/grief then rises you up through empowerment, acceptance, connection all the while being supported in love by everyone around you. That's a little of what camp is like, yet there is so much more.

Connections, friendships and new spiritual family members are found at camp. There's music and signing and games and play as well as lessons in endurance from a lack of sleep. Through the laughter and the tears there is a bond that occurs. It might rise and fall through out the week, some may feel it more than others yet it is there/here, all around us, all of the time.  

We each wrote an intention on a piece of cloth that was formed into an empowerment wheel during our time on the mountain and on our last night together we got all dressed up and danced and laughed our way into the night. 


Will I go back next year? It's going to be difficult to keep me away!

Susan Robinson, RScP

Pictured above left - Santa Rosa teens on tee-shirt day, Megan Leap, Camille Escovedo, Panda Oster, Sam McCurry, Chase DeWitte. 



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The Dream Team

Our new teen advisors are already being coined "The Dream Team". Pictured above from left to right are, Nikki Buckstead, Debby Young RScP, Evan Dow-Williamson and Jim Strand. When long time Teen Coordinator, Bill Frater, RScP retired in March, Debby Young, RScP stepped in as the new Lead Advisor. Both Debby and Jim have been actively involved within the teen group in supporting roles for over a year. Nikki and Evan joined the group this year and together they are bringing a new dynamic of shared leadership to our teen group. Each one of these advisors bring a wealth of years of spiritual study and practice as well as a love of learning and a desire to serve. Every Sunday two members of the team work together to bring workshops that includes prayer, spiritual principal, discussion and activities to our teens. We are so blessed by their service, dedication and love. Dreams really do come true! 

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Sweet Treats

Easter Sunday was full of Sweet Treats carefully and lovingly prepared by members of our teen group and advisors to kick off our Spring teen fundraiser. We are SO grateful to everyone who came by the table in support of our group. Your words of encouragement and contribution touched our hearts and assisted us in raising close to $600.00 in funds that will assist us in participating in group activities, offset transportation costs to CSL camps and purchase supplies for teen group workshops. 

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Endings and Beginnings

March 23rd was a day full of celebration and tears as we said goodbye to our long time Teen Advisor Bill Frater, RScP.  Bill has been volunteering at our Center for more years than even he can remember (20+). In that time period has served as the Teen Coordinator several times and was the lead advisor of many CSL teen camps, both summer and winter series. Over the last year, Bill has become more active in his field of passion, Music. Like any metaphysician who practices this teaching knows... what you place your attention on grows. Leaving teen group wasn't an easy decision, yet Bill also knows that there is growth in endings and beginnings and that the constant in all of life is LOVE. On this special day Bill shared his tears and words of encouragement with love and support with those in attendance knowing that this was the beginning of something new for everyone and it's all Good because it's all God. 

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Back to Basics

Over the last few months our Teen Group has welcomed several new teens who are both, new to the teaching of Science of Mind and living from Spiritual Principals. Some have participated in our youth program in the past, left, and have returned to explore a different aspect of our teaching. Some have grown up with this teaching and practice it on a regular basis and others are somewhere in between. It's a perfect time for us collectively to get back to basics.

During February and March we will be exploring the 10 core concepts of Science of Mind, Affirmative Prayer and Spiritual Principals and how they apply to our life and support us in daily living. The group will have an opportunity to relate these timeless concepts to current day realities. If you have been thinking of getting involved with our teen group, or have taken a break from attending, we encourage you to come join us. It's so much more fun to learn, practice and celebrate together. The friendships and bonds that are formed when we open our minds and hearts and allow ourselves to be seen and heard through the practices of this teaching are deep, supportive and loving. We all make a difference in the world on an individual basis, yet together we can do so much more!


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Teen News!

The fall kicks off a flurry of activity with our teen group and sometimes we get so busy with all the activities we forget to share it with our Center. So in an effort to catch you up to speed ~ here's a bit of Teen News!

Our Halloween bake sale was a huge success. The teens and advisors cooked up some great treats which created a table full of tasty goodies that were all gobbled up. Thank you to all who came by to support our fundraiser. With your help and the contribution of the coffee bar funds we raised a total of $645.45. 

The teen room, also known as room 11 has had a complete make over. Our talented trustee Janet DePree came in and worked her magic over the stale walls transforming them into a soft landscape of light. Not to worry we preserved the Star Skate moon scape wall and the two complement each other beautifuly. Thank you Janet for your creative genius. We love it. 

On Nov 16-17 the Center for Spiritual Awareness – West Sacramento hosted their first Teen Overnight. Five of our teens along with advisors Doris Nelson and Jim Strand attend, joining approximately 20 others from 4 other Centers. They came back excited to plan another overnight in 2014 hosted by our Center.

Our Holiday wreath fundraiser will be back on Dec. 8 & 16 with an assortment of wreaths and floral candle baskets. Quantity is limited so be sure to get yours early.

CSL Teen Winter Camp registration is underway. This is one of two big events that we raise money to attend. Winter Camp will be held January 17-20 at Camp Loma Mar. 

Again, we want to extend our gratitude to all of you who support our events and assist us in growing together in Spiritual Community. 

We love our Center and are SO grateful to have a thriving and growing teen group! 

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Happy Campers

On August 6-7, 13 members of our Teen group went on an overnight camping adventure at Casini Ranch in Duncans Mills. Advisor Doris Nelson did a great job picking out the perfect camp site for this overnight adventure. Everyone pitched in to help set up tents and get the camp organized, as well as help cook and clean up for dinner and breakfast the next morning. Advisors Bill Frater and Doris led the teens in workshops designed to deepen the personal bond within the group as well as explore spiritual bond we all share as aspects of the Divine. When it was time to retrieve the group for the journey home on the 7th, I arrived to a bunch of happy campers requesting to do it again - for at least 2 nights next time. It's safe to say and easy to see by the smiles on their faces in the photo above, this event was a success! 

We love our teens!

Susan Robinson, RScP


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Service to our Center Family


On Sunday July 21st our Teen Group participated in a workshop designed to provide Service to our Center Family. The workshop was led by Young Adult and CSL Youth Ambassador Angela Church. Angela worked with our Facilities Manager, Evan Dow-Williamson ahead of time to identify areas around our Center's grounds that could benefit from a little tender loving care. Then the teens were given a variety of clean up, or beautification projects to choose from. Everyone in attendance participated in one way or the other, including our teen advisors Doris Nelson and Jim Strand (pictured below). 



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Gratitude all around us!

Are you a teen who has been coming to our Center wondering where are all the teens? Well have we got great news for YOU! Our teen group meets every Sunday in Room 11 (In the north wing) from 11:15 to 12:45. Over the last few Sunday's and through out the month of May members of our teen group will be inviting visiting teens to come join the group and get a taste of what we do together. This coming Sunday Teen advisor Debby Young will be sharing "The Work" of Byron Katie as we wrap up our month of Forgiveness and we have lots of great things planned for May as we celebrate a month of Gratitude together. It's easy to see and feel the Gratitude all around us, especially with the support of our wonderful Center and a team of awesome advisors. Come check us out and see how we grow together in Spiritual Community teen style! 

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Teen Advisors

Debby Young, R.Sc.P
Lead Advisor

Evan Dow-Williamson

 Jim Strand

Nikki Buckstead






Teens At The Center

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Our teen group meets on Sundays from 11:15 to 12:45 in the North wing of the Center which is through the farthest double doors from the entrance on Occidental Road.  

The format of our group includes, spiritual mind treatment a review of the spiritual principal for the day, a personal check in and some version of an experiential workshop with a focus on life choices with a spiritual or metaphysical aspect.

The teens are encouraged to participate and contribute to the conversations and activities at their own comfort level.

Our group size varies from week to week with approximately 12-20 teens. New teens are always welcome as are visitors to our area. We recommend that a new teen gives the group 3 or 4 times to see if it works for them or not.  If a teen gives it a chance, we think they will learn to love us.

Susan Robinson, R.ScP
Director, Youth and Family Ministry


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