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Back to Basics

Over the last few months our Teen Group has welcomed several new teens who are both, new to the teaching of Science of Mind and living from Spiritual Principals. Some have participated in our youth program in the past, left, and have returned to explore a different aspect of our teaching. Some have grown up with this teaching and practice it on a regular basis and others are somewhere in between. It's a perfect time for us collectively to get back to basics.

During February and March we will be exploring the 10 core concepts of Science of Mind, Affirmative Prayer and Spiritual Principals and how they apply to our life and support us in daily living. The group will have an opportunity to relate these timeless concepts to current day realities. If you have been thinking of getting involved with our teen group, or have taken a break from attending, we encourage you to come join us. It's so much more fun to learn, practice and celebrate together. The friendships and bonds that are formed when we open our minds and hearts and allow ourselves to be seen and heard through the practices of this teaching are deep, supportive and loving. We all make a difference in the world on an individual basis, yet together we can do so much more!


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Teen Advisors

Debby Young, R.Sc.P
Lead Advisor

Evan Dow-Williamson

 Jim Strand

Nikki Buckstead






Teens At The Center

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Our teen group meets on Sundays from 11:15 to 12:45 in the North wing of the Center which is through the farthest double doors from the entrance on Occidental Road.  

The format of our group includes, spiritual mind treatment a review of the spiritual principal for the day, a personal check in and some version of an experiential workshop with a focus on life choices with a spiritual or metaphysical aspect.

The teens are encouraged to participate and contribute to the conversations and activities at their own comfort level.

Our group size varies from week to week with approximately 12-20 teens. New teens are always welcome as are visitors to our area. We recommend that a new teen gives the group 3 or 4 times to see if it works for them or not.  If a teen gives it a chance, we think they will learn to love us.

Susan Robinson, R.ScP
Director, Youth and Family Ministry


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