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Summer Teen Camp CSL style


Over the week of July 12th through the 19th approximately 350 teens and adults gathered on the beautiful grounds of Camp Buckhorn located in the San Jacinto mountains in Idyllwild/Pine Cove Ca. for Summer Teen Camp CSL style. This was my first summer camp experience in many many years, and I can say on the "other" side, unlike any camp I ever attended as a youth. 

The theme this year was Be-YOU-tiful. It was an adventure into the beauty of the self, the inner most YOU. Imagine a reverse bell curve where the collective group experience starts out on a spiritual high then through the course of the week takes you on a deep dive into a journey of self exploration in personal beliefs, perceptions, limitations, release/grief then rises you up through empowerment, acceptance, connection all the while being supported in love by everyone around you. That's a little of what camp is like, yet there is so much more.

Connections, friendships and new spiritual family members are found at camp. There's music and signing and games and play as well as lessons in endurance from a lack of sleep. Through the laughter and the tears there is a bond that occurs. It might rise and fall through out the week, some may feel it more than others yet it is there/here, all around us, all of the time.  

We each wrote an intention on a piece of cloth that was formed into an empowerment wheel during our time on the mountain and on our last night together we got all dressed up and danced and laughed our way into the night. 


Will I go back next year? It's going to be difficult to keep me away!

Susan Robinson, RScP

Pictured above left - Santa Rosa teens on tee-shirt day, Megan Leap, Camille Escovedo, Panda Oster, Sam McCurry, Chase DeWitte. 



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Teens At The Center

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Our teen group meets on Sundays from 11:15 to 12:45 in the North wing of the Center which is through the farthest double doors from the entrance on Occidental Road.  

The format of our group includes, spiritual mind treatment a review of the spiritual principal for the day, a personal check in and some version of an experiential workshop with a focus on life choices with a spiritual or metaphysical aspect.

The teens are encouraged to participate and contribute to the conversations and activities at their own comfort level.

Our group size varies from week to week with approximately 12-20 teens. New teens are always welcome as are visitors to our area. We recommend that a new teen gives the group 3 or 4 times to see if it works for them or not.  If a teen gives it a chance, we think they will learn to love us.

Susan Robinson, R.ScP
Director, Youth and Family Ministry


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