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Teen Group


The Teen Group meets in Room 11 from 11:15 to 12:45 weekly, in what is effectively the teen lounge.  Weekly activities include discussion, interactive work and play, music, written word, art and more, exploring questions of spirit, personal and global transformation.  Our teen advisors guide the group in prayer and explore spiritual principals for daily living in a fun and relevant way.

Our teens work together on service projects, fundraisers, retreats and social events. 

Contact Susan Robinson, R.Sc.P.

Director, Youth and Family Ministry




Easter Egg Workshop

Teen Coordinator Bill Frater revived a Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa teen tradition of doing an Easter Egg workshop on Easter Sunday. Each teen was given and egg and instructed put a hole on each end of the egg and blow through it to clean it of its gooey contents. (That's the fun part!). Once they were cleaned out they used a variety of materials, crayons, markers and paint to design their one of a kind Easter Egg.  Pictured here are members of our teen group that took part in this workshop. From Left to Right are, Ian, Aaron, Ari, Aubrianna, Camille, Jesse, Megan and Chase. 

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Yoga Meditation

Yoga was the meditation practice experienced last Sunday throughout our Youth Ministry programs. Special guest and yoga instructor William Able joined our teen group and treated them to a Yoga Meditation of slow moving stretches and poses geared to support their mental, spiritual and physical well being. As seen in the photos below, everyone in attendance participated at their own level. Many thanks to William for sharing his gifts and knowledge of yoga with our teens and advisors. We are so blessed!


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CSL teen winter camp

The photo board in the social hall breezeway has been updated with fun pictures from our recent CSL winter teen camp held at YMCA Camp Loma Mar. Our camp theme was "Leggo my Ego" in addition to our regular camp activities such as meals, meditation, group singing, games, talent show and a dance night, we spend time in five different workshops identifying what and who are "ego" are as well as how they serve us or hinder our growth. Recaps of the five workshops are also on the board as a way of sharing a part of our experience with our loving and supportive spiritual community. The weekend was full of growth, making new friends and forming deeper connections with ourselves and friends we've met at prior CSL camps. Thank you to all who participated in our bake sales and fundraising activities so we can continue to offer these types of life changing experiences to our amazing teens!



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Teen togetherness


Teen togetherness was celebrated on December 14th with the annual Teen Holiday overnight. Teens and advisors arrived to our Center with sleeping bags, pillows, gifts and goodies to share some quality holiday time. The evening kicked off with a pot luck dinner followed by games, workshops and creative projects, christmas tree decorating and a gift exchange. Volunteer Kathryn Jurik arrived the next morning and prepared a tasty and beautiful breakfast feast for all in attendance.  Special thanks to Rafe Ellis and Debby Young who served as our parking lot ambassadors providing a safe bubble of love for all who attended. And HUGE thanks to our wonderful Center for providing us a place for us to share and grow together.  

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Working together

Last Sunday several members of the teen group and advisors gathered together at 10:30 to hold a business meeting with the focus of working together to plan future events both within and beyond the walls of the Center.  Some of the topics discussed were plans to attend an evening of fun at the Petaluma corn maze Friday Oct. 26th at 7:30, the upcoming teen bake sale scheduled for this coming Sunday Oct. 28th, and early registrations for the upcoming Winter teen camp that will be held January 18-21st at the YMCA Camp Loma Mar.  If you would like to know how you can get involved to support our teen group, please contact Teen Coordinator, Bill Frater at or Youth Director, Susan Robinson at Pictured below:  Bill Frater, Aron Corradi, Doris Nelson, Sam McCurry, Camille Escovedo and Jim Strand


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Teen Feet

Last Sunday we did water coloring with the youngsters! The idea was to stimulate creativity since the Spirit Expressing art show is coming up soon.  Here is a photo of teen feet from those who participated.  We also celebrated Camillle's 16th birthday, Happy Birthday Camille!

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We Are Not Scared Of You! But you will be of us!!!

The Teens love interacting with the folk in "Big" church, and we get to do that now and then, for example at our fund raisers. We get to meet the adults at the Center, interact and share with them the reasons why we are raising funds. We love the things people say to us and the appreciation they express.  It's just as wonderful as the good work we are funding with the money we raise - just as much fun as the Teen Winter Camp we are planning to go to.  OK, not just as much fun as camp (which is AMAZING) but we do love hanging out with the people of the Center.

The Teen Group is planning Halloween Bake Sale with many gluten free treats.  Last time we included gluten free products in our event we got such strongly appreciative comments that we are making sure to have some in our Halloween Bake Sale.  It will be on Sunday, October 28, and we plan to be in costume to serve you a scary treat. 



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Teen Group September 18, 2012

What's Happening In Teen Group?

Well, our latest thing is TRANSITION!  Some of our 18 year olds have moved on to Young Adult Group.  In addition, Teen Advisor, Sara Gardner Heart is moving to Santa Cruz to go to college!  Congratulations Sara, we will miss your enthusiastic veganism and the order you brought to our program.

We are planning a bake sale for October to raise funds for winter camp.  Maybe the theme will have something to do with Halloween?  Finger Food anyone?  Would you buy a cup cake from a zombie teen?  we hope you will.

This weekend we are looking at creating balance.  Our topic is acceptance and we will be exploring how to balance our thoughts, emotions and actions.

(Prayer Flag Workshop - Awesome)

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Teen Winter Camp 2012

Seasons Greetings Earthlings.

Today I am taking the last of the registrations form into Dr. Edward's office for his signature.  These are the forms for the Winter Teen Camp taking place at Camp Loma Mar near Half Moon Bay on January 13 through 16. I am very excited that we are bringing 12 teens including 3 newbies to our Winter Camp along with myself and two other advisors, Doris and Sara (see their photos to the right.)

At Winter Camp we have experiencial workshops and learn about Science of Mind.  There will be song, dance and much community building among teens from all over Northern California.

There could be as much as 200 Teens at the Camp. 

I'm looking forward to it.

In order to qualify for Camp, you have to attend Teen Group regularly and participate in the fund raising activities such as selling wreaths at Christmas, Mother's Day Baskets, etc.

If you have a teen in your life who would like to know more, please contact me.

Bill Frater



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Teen Group: The Morning After








Teen Group Lock In December 2012 - The Morning After!!!

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Teen Advisors

Debby Young, R.Sc.P
Lead Advisor

Evan Dow-Williamson

 Jim Strand

Nikki Buckstead






Teens At The Center

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Our teen group meets on Sundays from 11:15 to 12:45 in the North wing of the Center which is through the farthest double doors from the entrance on Occidental Road.  

The format of our group includes, spiritual mind treatment a review of the spiritual principal for the day, a personal check in and some version of an experiential workshop with a focus on life choices with a spiritual or metaphysical aspect.

The teens are encouraged to participate and contribute to the conversations and activities at their own comfort level.

Our group size varies from week to week with approximately 12-20 teens. New teens are always welcome as are visitors to our area. We recommend that a new teen gives the group 3 or 4 times to see if it works for them or not.  If a teen gives it a chance, we think they will learn to love us.

Susan Robinson, R.ScP
Director, Youth and Family Ministry


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