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The One Heart Choir

Choir Auditions

Love to sing? Want to be part of the music ministry here at the Center? The One Heart Choir has openings for the upcoming season. Audition date is Thursday, August 9th, 7 pm. For information about how you might join, please read the document above titled, "Choir Membership Manual."

Please e-mail our new member contact person Carole Puzas at for information on membership requirements and the audition process.

Warning: Choir may be habit-forming. Members have been known to laugh often, make new friends, and experience spontaneous outbursts of bliss.


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Choir Members

  Alison Willits

Andrew Andrew Burton

   Anne Snyder

Barbara Stafford

  Betty Perkins

Bill Schaffer

  Calvin Johnson

CaroleWoodall  Carole Woodall

 Chris D Chris Davis

ChristiCorrad2i Christi Corradi

CindyCollins1 Cindy Collins

  Claire Victor

  Daisy Blincoe

DanicaSiegel Danica Siegel

DavidBurns David Burns

  David Colombo 

DennyPeterson Denny Peterson

  Dinna Lopez-Withrich

  Ed Myers

EsterJurick Ester Jurick

Francesca Cannavale

Gabriella Randozzo

GilBaxter Gil Baxter

HeatherRiley Heather Riley

   Jaci Oshun

JeannineHarris Jeannine Harris

Jeff Wong

 Jeffrey Nation

  Jessica Brandes

Jo Lasley

 Jo Lauer




 Joan Etchandy


Joann Hawk

JoanneGoss Joanne Goss

JuliaHansen1 Julie Hansen

 JunellePorter Junelle Porter

KathrynJurick Kathryn Jurick

Kelly Metcalf

Laura LaVelle

LaurenColumbo Lauren Colombo

  Lea Sassone

 Leandra Swent

Linda Conner

LindaFrye Linda Frye

Linda Weber

LisaBarry  Lisa Barry

Lynne Adler

Marjorie Favuzzi

MelodieBelagio Melodie Belagio

MicahelWalsh Michael Walsh

MicheleBouvier Michele Bouvier

Mike Perkins


PattieAtwater1 Pattie Atwater

Pamela Letourneau Pamela Letourneau

 Pamela Lewis

PatEhrmann Pat Ehrmann

  Patrick Hardman

Priscilla Branthave

Robert Rockefeller

  Robin Smith

MsRosie Rosie Rodriquez

SeanBrown Sean Brown

Shafee Ballinger

Sharona Tracy

Sherry Lester

Stacy Sheridan

StevenAnderson Steven Anderson

Steve Sassone

SusanBennett  Susan Bennett

 SummerLarson1 Summer Larson

Susan Stewart Susan Stewart

  Suzanne Smith


TerriBurger Terri Burger

Tracy Luther-Brown

TriciaShanahan Tricia Shanahan

UschiSchnell Uschi Schnell

  Wyvonne Columbo

 In Remembrance. Thank you for sharing your gifts. May eternal light surround you.

  Myra Polikoff

  Murray Lewis


What I Receive

"Total trust in God's love and guidance for me."      


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Prayer Support

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