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Never a Dull Moment


Our Music Ministry is gearing up for the Sacred Season of Thanksgiving and Christmas with preparations by the One Heart Choir for our traditional Thanksgiving Eve service. Although October 21st is the launch of their choir season, many people look forward to hearing and singing along with the choir as we celebrate the power of gratitude in our lives.  At the same time, a dedicated group of singers are tirelessly preparing for Christmas Eve Candlelighting Service, all the while still keeping up with the music for Sundays and Wednesdays. 

This is a musically talented congregation and we are blessed to have so many volunteers contribute, not only with talent, but with expert hours in sound technology, construction and organization.

We just completed our sound renovation plan for 2013 and are already beginning to implement it ahead of schedule.  The plan focuses on upgrading electricity on stage to to ferret out those pesky little buzzes that inevitably creep in when technical demands are as complicated as ours are.  We will also be manufacturing and installing the remaining sound baffles to complete the acoustical treatment of our sanctuary which is intended to make sound even more clear and beautiful - especially congregational singing (yes, I mean you!)

You may also notice the hanging of new lighting above the stage which uses a miniscule amount of electricity in comparison to the existing lights which are being phased out in keeping with our community preference for ecologically sound technology.

Never a dull moment in the Music Ministry!

Christopher Fritzsche

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