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Music from the past, present and future.

Hi Everyone,

I'm always touched when the congregation really sings back on some of our congregational songs. Of course I expect to hear that with rousing renditions of some of our old favorites like Rickie Byar's "I Release" and many of Linda Webb-Khakaba's songs, but I'm also delighted when I hear you all singing back so beautifully on songs from our Science of Mind Hymnal... did you even know we had one? We do! It was first published (as best I can tell) in the 1950's and it's mostly full of songs borrowed from other religions and traditions that best matched our then relatively young philosophy. "Open My Eyes" is one song from this hymnal and I appreciate how strongly folks sing this song, either because they know it from their early Science of Mind days or maybe even from another religion or tradition. Today we have many wonderful composers and artists creating music specifically for our tradition and those songs are great and so well tailored to our philosophy, and there's also something beautiful about revisiting some of these older tunes and hymns that for many of us go deep just because of how long they've been a part of our lives. Some old hymns of course do not reflect our philosopy, but it's an interesting challenge to "reinterpret" the words of some of these old hymns in light of Science of Mind just as when we reinterpret and in a way reclaim parts of the bible that have been used in ways that don't reflect Science of Mind or contradict it completely. I find that some of the words and phrases that I can get hung up on are not only relatively easy and revealing to reinterpret but also serve to show me where I may be stuck or hung up in my thinking regarding a certain word or phrase just because of my history with it and the way some have translated or interpreted them. If you were at our Sunday service this past Jan 9th you'll know that together we've been singing "Open My Eyes" and here is an appreciation from Debra below, posted with her permission.

Hi Chris,

I was so pleased to have “Open Mine Eyes” on the music list today (1/9/11).  I come from a Christian background which I know is steeped in Jesus and that people have problems with.  However, the old hymns are something that I still really love and have a deep connection with.  As I’ve moved from Jesus based religion to Science of Mind, I’ve missed the music.  I continue to appreciate and enjoy old hymns and as I read and sing them with a new understanding, I see there is a lot of depth and connection there to Spirit as we teach it.  I loved having you have Open Mine Eyes—I knew the music and the words so I could quickly respond and sing along as well as really understand and reflect the emotion of the song.  I encourage you to continue to seek out songs from the Christian religion that expresses our desire to know and manifest God more fully.  Honestly, there is a fantastic version of “Be Still My God” from Bill and Gloria Gaither that is totally Science of Mind.  It is all about doing the things that we profess.  Check it out and see if it is something that you want to incorporate into your music ministry—I find it an affirmation.

 All my best,

 Debra Kiddoo,

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