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2017 Speakers and Topics

JANUARY – Spiritual Living

As we learn and practice our philosophy, the Science of Mind, we live principle-centered Spirit-led lives and turn to our principles for guidance in all moments and areas of our lives.

Nonprofit Partner: Community Matters

Jan. 1 – Creating a Values-Based Life – Dr. Edward Viljoen

Jan. 8 – The Highest Principles of Spiritual Living – Rev. Michael Mirdad

Jan. 15 – The Way It Works – Dr. Edward Viljoen

Jan. 22 – What It Does – Dr. Edward Viljoen

Jan. 29 – How to Use It – Dr. Edward Viljoen

Recommended Reading: Discover a Richer Life, by Ernest Holmes


FEBRUARY – Diversity and Inclusivity

We value, embrace, and celebrate the individual uniqueness and contribution of all people as they express through differences of gender, ethnicity, culture, history, experience, talents, and sexual orientation.

Nonprofit Partner: AIDS/Life Cycle

Feb. 5 – To Be Human is to Embody Paradox – Dr. Edward Viljoen

Feb. 12 – God Comes Through the Wound – Dr. Edward Viljoen

Feb. 19 – Thin Slicing – Dr. David Bruner

Feb. 26 – Active Listening – Dr. Edward Viljoen

Recommended Reading: Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell


MARCH – Education and Improvement

We walk a path of awakening, growth, and spiritual deepening through classes, workshops, seminars, and spiritual practices that allow us to embrace education as a lifelong endeavor. We consistently welcome more and more of the Divine Nature to be realized within us and revealed through our relationships, our decisions, and our contributions to the world.

Nonprofit Partner: Becoming Independent

March 5 – Reachable and Teachable – Dr. Edward Viljoen

March 12 – Creating Sacred Relationships– Dr. Brenda Wade

March 19 – Being Vulnerable: Strength or Weakness? – Dr. Edward Viljoen

March 26 – Aging as a Spiritual Practice– Dr. Edward Viljoen

Recommended Reading: Daring Greatly, by Brené Brown

APRIL – Transformation and Evolution

We do deep inner personal work of self-discovery and healing to reveal the greater truth of our divinity, wholeness, and freedom.

Nonprofit Partner: Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation

April 2 – Ninety-nine Years of Private Lessons – Dr. Edward Viljoen

April 9 – The Science of the Absolute – Dr. Edward Viljoen

April 16 – (Easter) The Science of Christ – Dr. Edward Viljoen

April 23 – Into the Mist – Dr. Kenn Gordon

April 30 – The Joy of Living – Dr. David Ault

Recommended Reading: Love and Law, by Ernest Holmes


MAY – Creativity

We allow Spirit's continuous activity in our hearts and minds to inspire and guide us into new forms of creative expression.

Nonprofit Partner: Ceres Community Project

May 7 – FLIP: Creative Confidence – Rev. Joyce Duffala

May 14 – (Mother’s Day) The Mother of All That Is - Kathy Zavada

May 21 – Design Your Life – Rev. Kevin Ross

May 28 – I Choose Me: A Spiritual Practice – Rev. Cynthia James

Recommended Reading: Creative Confidence, by Tom and David Kelley


JUNE – Accountability

We honor the obligations entrusted to us by practicing responsibility, transparency, and accountability.

Nonprofit Partner: The Living Room

June 4 – The Courage to Do the Right Thing – Dr. Kim Kaiser

June 11 – Creating a Life Centered in Gratitude – Jeffon Seeley

June 18 – The Divine Father Within – Rev. Joyce Duffala

June 25 – Getting to Spiritual Oneness – Rev. Deborah Johnson

Recommended Reading: Crucial Accountability, by Kerry Patterson, et al.


JULY – Open Communication

We communicate openly with each other in an atmosphere of collaboration and inclusion.

Nonprofit Partner: Villages in Partnership

July 2 – The Multi-Cultural America – Rev. Tara Steele

July 9 – From Racism to Gracism – Rev. Abigail Schairer

July 16 – Prejudices and Sins – Dr. Edward Viljoen

July 23 – Honoring our Differences – Dr. Edward Viljoen

July 30 – The Art of Inclusion – Dr. Edward Viljoen

Recommended Reading: Gracism, by David A. Anderson


AUGUST – Love, Compassion, and Caring

The unconditional Love of Spirit expresses through us as kindness, respect, caring, and compassion.

Nonprofit Partner: Sloan House Women’s Shelter

Aug. 6 – Ordinary Goodness – Dr. Edward Viljoen

Aug. 13 – Ordinary Kindness – Dr. Edward Viljoen

Aug. 20 – Ordinary Compassion – Rev. Joyce Duffala

Aug. 27 – Being Kind in a Cruel World – Dr. Edward Viljoen

Recommended Reading: Ordinary Goodness, by Edward Viljoen


SEPTEMBER – Community Service

We dedicate our time, talent, and treasure to the evolution of our spiritual community and our world.

Nonprofit Partner: Mentor Me

Sept. 3 – How Much Good Can You Do? – Dr. Edward Viljoen

Sept. 10 – Not Me, But We – Rev. Georgia Prescott

Sept. 17 – Serving from the Overflow – Dr. Edward Viljoen

Sept. 24 – You Can Change the World – Dr. Edward Viljoen

Recommended Reading: Doing Good Better, by William MacAskill

OCTOBER – Love as Safety

We create a community climate conducive to honest reflection and deep, direct communication.

Nonprofit Partner: Wildfire Relief for Lake County

Oct. 1 – The Real You is Love – Dr. Edward Viljoen

Oct. 8 – Return to Innocence – Dr. Edward Viljoen

Oct. 15 – Believe in Love – Dr. Edward Viljoen

Oct. 22 – The Perfect Relationship – Dr. Kim Kaiser

Oct. 29 – Seeing With Eyes of Love – Dr. Edward Viljoen

Recommended Reading: The Mastery of Love, by Don Miguel Ruiz


NOVEMBER – The Heart of Gratitude

We value the principles of Abundance and Gratitude in support of a world that works for everyone.

Nonprofit Partner: Santa Rosa Children’s Chorus

Nov. 5 – Using Denials to Support Your Good – Dr. Edward Viljoen

Nov. 12 – You Are a Gift – Karen Drucker

Nov. 19 – End Your Day with Gratitude and Forgiveness – Dr. Edward Viljoen

Nov. 26 – Jump-Start Your Good with Giving – Dr. Edward Viljoen

Recommended Reading: The Path to Wealth, by May McCarthy


DECEMBER – Integrity

AS our inner convictions match our outer actions, we express wholeness, honesty, and fairness in all we do.

Nonprofit Partner: Sonoma County Task Force for the Homeless

Dec. 3 – Wandering Off Your Path – Dr. Edward Viljoen

Dec. 10 – A Life of Character – Dr. Edward Viljoen

Dec. 17 – A Life of Courage – Dr. Edward Viljoen

Dec. 24 – A Life of Truth – Rev. Ruth Barnhart

Dec. 31 – New Beginnings – Rev. Tara Steele

Recommended Reading: If You Know Who You Are, You Will Know What to Do, by J. Ronald Greer





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