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Heart in Hand Spiritual Care

We do not deny the body,
nor do we deny the mind.
What we do is affirm the Spirit.

— Ernest Holmes

The Mission of the Heart in Hand Spiritual Care Ministry is to bring a presence and message of love to congregants during times of health challenges, transition, and grieving.

If you would like spiritual support during a time of health challenge, please contact us. We are happy to visit you in person, or speak with you over the phone, to provide loving listening and prayer (spiritual mind treatment). Your requests and conversations are held in sacred confidentiality among the members of our Ministry.

Call and leave a message at 707-546-4543, ext. 370. We check this voice mail box at least twice daily. Or visit the Heart in Hand table in the Social Hall on Sunday morning to put a written request in the box.

Grief Support Group

Heart in Hand also provides a facilitated Grief Support Group each Sunday at 12:45 pm at the Center. Please feel welcomed to attend this group when you have been touched by transition. We will listen lovingly, respectfully, and tenderly.

Who We Are

Approximately 25 congregants serve in the Heart in Hand Spiritual Support Ministry. All Ministry members have taken Foundations or Beyond Limits and a Heart in Hand training. Rev. Joyce Duffala and the Ministry’s Core Team—Siota Belle, RScP; Effie Ehrhart, RScP; Betty Garcia, RScP; Tamarya Hulme, RScP; Lisa Stevens; Rosalie Sulgit-Shay, RScP; and Peggy Weber, RScP—ensure that all requests receive confidential loving attention from Ministry members.

To Serve in this Ministry

If you have successfully completed Beyond Limits or Foundations and would like to serve in this ministry, you can get more information about the next training at our table in the Social Hall. 

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In the Spotlight

Grief and Loss Spiritual Support

Each Sunday in Room 8, starting promptly at 12:45, a facilitated support group is available to anyone experiencing grief or loss. Some people attend once; some more than once. In this safe and supportive environment, you can feel at home and free to explore your own unique journey through the grief process. You will be listened to and held in the loving, accepting awareness that Spirit is present and with us in every moment of our eternal lives.

The loss of a loved one can bring about a wide range of feelings, as can other major transitions in our lives, like ending a relationship or losing a job. Yet the journey through grief is also a spiritually rich time, allowing us to seek a closer walk with Spirit, and to open to more love from those around us.
If you are experiencing the complex feelings and emotions of the grief process due to the loss of a loved one or other major life transition, know that there is support for you here at the Center with your spiritual family.
For more information, contact Siota Belle, RScP, or Rev. Joyce Duffala,
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Prayer Support

We are here to help!

You can call the Telephone Prayer Ministry at 707-546-4561 or submit an online prayer request by clicking [here].